Bernie the Back-Stabber

As a conservative activist, being on a college campus I would instantly cringe and my fellow liberal peers attempting to get others to join their cause. In the case of Bernie Sanders, it was always “HE’S ANTI ESTABLISHMENT” or “HE’S FIGHTING AGAINST THE CORRUPT SYSTEM.”

Well today he just endorsed Hilary Clinton. A woman ,he claimed months ago, that isn’t “qualified” to be the president.

To those who “feel the Bern,” look how your socialist chants have culminated.

If you were truly naive enough to let someone manipulate you into believing that a system which has led to the economic downturn of countless countries could work, then you deserve this betrayal.

This is the fault of the government and the reason why so many Americans are conservative. No matter how moral or just a man may seem, he always has his price. Bernie Sanders has never held a normal job until he was 40. He was always a politician who preyed and manipulated the people to get what he wanted. Many young and passionate millennials wanted free college and healthcare, and to them Sanders was their savior. Many of them would go as far as to tattoo an image of the Vermont senator on to their body. Others would donate heavily to his campaign and cause disturbances to hinder Trump or Clinton from running.

Now their father has forsaken them. Let this serve as a reminder.

The German Philospher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “For every man there exists a bait which he cannot resist swallowing.” We may never know what gain monetary or otherwise that Sanders received for endorsing Clinton, but one fact remains certain:

Their precious Bernie has stabbed them in the back.


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