Election 2016 is NOT About the President, Says YAF Speakers

On July 26th 2016, at the 38th National Conservative Student Conference hosted by Young America’s Foundation, Senator Rick Santorum did not endorse a candidate (which would have been illegal at a 501c3 event), but he did instead put into perspective what this election really means.

According to Santorum, what is really at stake is the supreme court appointments that a President Clinton would make. Without a true conservative running in this election, there seems to be little hope that conservative values will outlast a Clinton administration, though you could pretty much say the same for a President Trump.

That being said, there is a great probability that Clinton will have the opportunity to appoint 3 or more supreme court justices, according to Santorum. When that happens “the constitution will be changed forever,” said Santorum.

Congressman Andrew P. “Andy” Harris similarly noted the importance of the Supreme court at the convention, even making the bold statement saying that “Ruth Bader Ginsburg should resign because of comments towards Donald Trump…Totally inappropriate.” He also went on to say that “she’s either too old to know how to act or she just doesn’t know how to act, both which should lead to her resignation.”

Congress Harris said this in a response to Justice Ginsburg’s comments towards Donald Trump, stating that Donald Trump is “a faker” and that “he has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego….”

Although Ginsburg apologized for the inappropriate comments, openly condemning or supporting a presidential candidate from someone in her position seems to be highly unethical and shows how biased some of the court justices are in this election, which emphasizes how important it is to elect a conservative in office for this year.

Note: The Rabble-Rouser is unaffiliated with the Young America’s Foundation.


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