Bernie Sanders, the New Maximilien Robespierre

Chairman…..errr I mean Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at a rally this past week.

As always, his supporters went wild and insane for their God and Savior known as the “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders. Some of his supporters went so far as to tattoo an image of the Vermont senator on their bodies, and as stated in my previous article, their father has forsaken them.

As the crowd went wild for him as he aid “we have got to defeat Donald Trump,” their attitude quickly changed when he went on to say “and we have got to elect Hilary Clinton and Tim Kaine!” The entire audience, full of his supporters turned on him in an instant and booed him down, according to the New York Times.


Instead of chants for Hillary, these supporters began calling for him to run again. Polls show that recently Hillary Clinton has begun to drop in the polls, while Trump is on the rise; likely due to the recent DNC email leak and resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

New York Times, 7/29/16
New York Times, 7/29/16

Sanders fans are quickly coming to the realization that even their champion against the establishment remains loyal to the Democrats. Of course, you won’t hear the mass media report how he requested his own private jet from the DNC in return for party loyalty, Buzzfeed reported.

During the French Revolution, Maximilien Robespierre led a guillotine campaign against thousands of French citizens. In the end, he was ironically beheaded in the same way he took down his opponents. Though less bloody, Sanders seems to be heading towards the same fate. The revolution is loyal to no man, only to itself.


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