Dear Liberals; Let Us Watch the Olympics In Peace!

Last night commenced the 2016 Olympic games with the tradition opening ceremony, except this year Michael Phelps was chosen as the flag bearer. Unfortunately, it seems that we no longer can enjoy ANYTHING without the liberals making it a race issue. Michael Phelps, an Olympic medalist with 22 medals chosen to hold our beautiful flag, no

Michael Phelps, an Olympic medalist who has personally won 22 medals held our beautiful flag, but of course, that is not enough for liberals. What is wrong with the most decorated Olympian holding our flag representing us worldwide in such an important event? Well, he is a tall, white, rich man.

The left tried to pressure Phelps into giving up his position to Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Black Muslim woman who is well-known for wearing a hijab during her fencing matches. Liberals thought she would be a much better choice than this white guy who which, by the way, is the most decorated Olympian.

She’s so much more qualified than Phelps. I mean, she’s triple threat. She’s a woman. She’s black. She’s Muslim. And as an added bonus, she hates Donald Trump!” Of course, the left wants her in front, she would carry on with their race batting.

The liberals don’t want the US to be the spotlight, they want their race war to be the center of attention. They want a religion which has followers who have caused the world so much pain, to be the center of attention. They want to try to make up their lack of action to the black community by putting a black woman in front, for the first time.

How about you try to put the black womens’ interests back home first, liberals? How about you stop indoctrinating the black community, especially black women, with the idea that the whole United States is against them and their children FIRST!

CNN even ran an op-ed by W. Kamau Bell, who urged Phelps to give up his position (given to him by his teammates if I may add). He’s not deserving of it because America’s sick of a “tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great…again,” because apparently being tall, successful through your own hard work and dedication is just vile! Oh, right, and being white. Unacceptable!

“Muhammad carrying the flag would be much bigger than your one moment,” Bell wrote. “It would be a symbol for our county in this moment when we are mostly known for one of the most contentious, controversial, scandal-ridden, hateful, xenophobic, jingoistic, and just generally unlikable presidential elections recent memory.”

Bell wrote the most hateful, “we won, you lose”, “we get to continue to carry on with our race war”, “we won’t let you enjoy anything unless you bow down to us”, “F*** you white people” open thank you to Phelps in advanced for giving up the honor his teammates gave him and giving it to a , he noted “she might not even want it” but it doesn’t matter, they were ready to put her in the spotlight even if she didn’t want to be, they were ready to force their agenda on this poor woman, at any cost.

Bell also stated that Phelps is the “Golden Boy” of America and that is why he “would be a proud of you [Phelps] for giving up you position to Muhammad.” Bell also made a connection between Ibtihaj’s last name and Muhammad Ali, saying that “it certainly wouldn’t hurt that [her] last name is the first name of the most celebrated [ black] American”.

It is more than clear that those behind pressuring Phelps to have pity for Muhammad and give her the spot, were not really thinking about her, but about their leftist, racist, liberal, destructive agenda. Thank God Phelps did not give into the liberals and carried on with his duty (sorry liberals, maybe next time).

Some may consider this as such a clear example of white privilege, or even some extremely offensive thing, but it would have been more offensive for Muhammad to have been given this spot (as a second choice) because others wanted to use her, because America felt they would have pity on the black, Muslim woman.



    1. My source is cited in red , it begins with
      “She’s so much more”, it is W. kamau Bell’s very own article published by CNN. It was the only sourced used for my whole article. Enjoy.

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