The ‘Tolerance’ of the Left Towards Conservative Women

Love, respect, and diversity. There are no other words that I could think of to describe how the left conducts themselves! As true defenders of equality, women, and minorities, these ‘tolerant’ heroes always show their respect for difference. Just take a look at how some of them interact with me when I post conservative things on Facebook!


As you can see the left loves ALL women; none excluded. These champions of feminism, with their Hillary Clinton bumper stickers and signs, truly exemplify what it means to be ‘tolerant.’ Knowing how much they LOVE diversity, I decided to share one of my articles on our school’s book page. Just take a look at how they accepted me!


WOW! I’ve never seen someone exercise such civility before. I really don’t understand why everyone is so afraid to be a conservative on liberal campuses. Every day I wake up to more and more encouraging comments in class and on social media. Even just posting on Facebook, look how much they embrace me for being different!


Of course, there are some people who claim that I have “betrayed” my Salvadorian culture with my Christian beliefs, pro-life stance, being against illegal immigration, being pro-gun, believing in American exceptionalism, and for supporting the military, but such people are few in numbers (Yeah, right -_-).

Yes, I am happy to report that even in one of the most politically polarized periods of time in our history, the left still conducts themselves with the utmost grace and respect.



  1. How typical. It is truly amazing how the campuses of our institutions of higher education have become so anti-1st Amendment. Unless of course it is for their 1st Amendment rights. The really sad part about it all is that if these people succeed in silencing conservative voices, their voices are next. They can only spew hate towards this country and the principles it was founded upon; however, when the protections that this country provides are gone, what makes them think that they are not next?


    1. So what you’re implying is that you think it’s okay for men to insult women this way just because they have a voice? A conservative voice? How vile of you.


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