Father of Orlando Shooter Supports Clinton

Today at a rally just outside of Orlando in Kissimmee, Florida, Hillary Clinton took the stage with the father of the Orlando nightclub shooter standing behind her, both literally and figuratively.

Seddique Mateen, the father of the man who committed the worst terror attack on US soil since 9/11, was spotted standing front and center behind the Democratic nominee as she spoke. After the rally, he was spotted campaigning for Hillary with a homemade banner listing reasons why Hillary Clinton should become the 45th US President. So why is this a big deal? After all, the sins of the son are not inherently the sins of the father.

Yes, the sins of the son are not inherently the sins of the father, but its worth noting that because Mr. Mateen is a vocal supporter of the Taliban who regularly espoused anti-American rhetoric on homemade podcasts.

He is a man who in the immediate aftermath of the Orlando terror attack, partially blamed the attack on the club, proclaimed that God would punish homosexuals, and acknowledged he may have passed on anti-gay feelings to his son, the Orlando shooter .

To the average American, a man with such disturbing views standing behind, and actively supporting the nominee of a major party for President of the United States  is certainly newsworthy. But of course, the elite mainstream media is not your average American and has little to no interest in reporting news that doesn’t fit their agenda.

To the mainstream media, nothing is more important than pushing a liberal agenda on the American people. Not integrity, not honesty, not transparency. Nothing. I am sure as daylight that had Seddique Mateen showed  up to a Trump rally and declared his support for the Donald, that story would have been top of the page breaking news at all the mainstream news outlets. CNN and MSNBC would have talked about that for days on end.

I am no fan nor defender of Donald J Trump, but from watching the news this election cycle, the media bias is glaring. Consider that when David Duke, a former KKK grand wizard, endorsed Trump, that story dominated the mainstream news for multiple days.

Donald Trump was asked about David Duke’s support repeatedly, and rightly so. But when Hillary is endorsed by a man who holds views which are as  abhorrent, or worse, than David Duke’s, the mainstream media looks the other way.

There are no cries from the media elite asking Hillary to denounce or disavow Mateen’s support. There will not be week long panel discussions on CNN about Hillary being supported by a man who holds evil and anti-American views like there was when Duke endorsed Trump.

The mainstream media bias in this election cycle is something which should bother all Americans, both the liberals and conservatives alike. When the media manipulates or withholds news  to boost a candidate of their choice or hurt a candidate they don’t like, it undermines the foundation of American elections.


One comment

  1. Unfortunately Diego, there is nothing new with this. Every election it’s the same thing. To make matters worse there is a Clinton involved this time and they seem to get even more privileges from the press.


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