The Hypocrisy of Feminsim

About two years ago, I read a piece in Cosmopolitan, that convinced me that feminism has created a double standard on the objectification of men and women. In the article they tell readers why it’s not okay to objectify women, but why it’s okay to objectify men’s ‘bulges.’

Anna Brenslaw, the author who wrote this article, claims that “it is only fair that both sexes should be equally objectified.”

So its okay for men to take the burden of societal expectations, but it’s not okay for women? It’s okay for male Abercrombie and Fitch models to show off their 8 pack abs and huge bulging arms, but it’s not okay for a female model to show her curves and stylish figure. If boys are exposed to a He-man doll, then it’s okay, but if girls are exposed to a Barbie doll it’s not because it sets an “unreal expectation.”

Some feminist critics like Paul Watson, have also pointed out that our society vehemently objects to women being raped, but laugh at men when it happens to them.

All we ever hear from feminists is that “the definition of feminism is the equality of all sexes,” but in reality, they seek to place women over men. They constantly make fun of men, but at the same time demand that women be protected. Anita Sarkesian, the feminist con-woman, went to the UN and pleaded for the Internet to be censored so that the content would be friendly to women.

Interestingly enough, men face more harassment and violent threats than women, according to the Pew Research Center.

Similarly, the “body positivity movement,” seeks to remove the societal expectations that are being placed upon women, but there is no consistency when it comes to men. Feminist, can you please be consistent or at least be honest that you hate men?

I guess feminists just don’t care about men.


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