Why Liberals Think You Hate Everyone

Being an Asian man, I never realized until I went to college that because I am also conservative that means I am also homophobic and racist; at least that is what the liberals told me.

Yet, their accusations don’t stop there. I have observed that when liberals accuse you of going against their agenda, they don’t say you just hate one group of minorities, but rather you hate everything. Let me explain.

The reasons that left had tied together all these -isms, is because of their belief in the Theory of Intersectionality. Founded by Dr. Kimberly Crenshaw, Oxford Dictionary defines the belief as, “the interconnected nature of social categorization a such as race, class and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.”

Someone who believes in this theory, for example, when women won the right to vote in America, it didn’t apply to all women at the time because black women were still disenfranchised and couldn’t vote for another 50 years.

When one observes the so-called ‘gender pay gap,’ they note that women earn $0.77 for every $1 a man makes, but it doesn’t take into account that Latina and black women earn even less, that black women earn $0.64 for every $1 and Latina women earn $0.56 for every $1.

This theory would lead you to believe that if liberals perceive you to against some group of people because of your policy, then you are automatically against them all. You’re not just a racist, you’re a transphobe, homophobe, etc.

The problem with this theory, however, is that it never ends. When liberals achieved striking down The Defense of Marriage Act, it wasn’t enough. Now that Gays, Liberals and Bisexuals have the ability to marry whoever they want, the movement must now support Transgenders. This is why the acronym LGBT is continuously growing. As of now, at my school,  it is recognized as LGBTQIAP. They’re now even beginning to accommodate pedophiles because they see pedophilia as an oppressed sexual desire.

Christina Hoff Sommers, told her story of when she visited a feminist conference and when they attempted to accommodate every identity, the conference was utter chaos and groups began to turn on one another.

This also makes liberals very unhappy, because after one identity achieves its purpose it must now support the other identities. Feminists are beginning to attack each other and condemn feminists who do not believe in intersectionality or refuse to acknowledge that Transgender women are actual women.

Here is where conservatives can strike at the left, because they have to accommodate every identity, they have no choice but to segregate certain identities. When the University of Missouri had it’s infamous student protests, white allies of the #concernedstudent1950 movement were told to leave the safe spaces designed for black people to accommodate that identity.

The greatest general in history from Philip II of Macedon to Julius Caesar, have always followed the maxim of “Divida et Imperia” Divide and conquer, to crush their enemies. The liberals are beginning to divide themselves, and that is where we as conservatives can conquer them.


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