Hate Speech VS Hate Crimes; A Clear Distinction

Free speech, protected under the first amendment of the Constitution, has been heavily debated as of late, to illuminate what some perceive as a gray area. I have observed that we seem to be developing into a society where the littlest insult can offend anyone. We have begun to question, what speech is free? Is hate speech free speech? Is hate speech a hate crime?

Now there is a simple philosophy that goes, what is offensive to you might not be offensive to me or our neighbors. I get that but where does society draw the line on what is hate speech and what is a hate crime?

First off, if you just  look at the 1st amendment, you’ll notice there is no exception for hate speech. There is nothing in the constitution that says free speech is protected unless it offends a group of people. Our right to speak freely is something that we are fortunate enough to have and should be able to convey it in any way within legal boundaries.

The use of fortunate here speaks to how lucky we are as opposed to other countries to have the right to freely speak against the Government. In some Middle-Eastern countries if you spoke against the Government you would be stoned. I believe if you hate the 1st Amendment or any of the Amendments, then you might as well leave this country. Free speech is an inherent right for American citizens and we should value it and look it as such.

The Constitution was not made for people in the 21st century to pick and choose what they like and rewrite the parts they disagree with. Everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions and they should be able to communicate those views verbally without worry of censorship.

While calling someone a racial insult may be in poor taste, it does not make you a criminal. Most people seem to forget the contrast between hate crimes and hate speech. A hate crime is motivated by race, sex, or other prejudices and is often violent. Hate speech is motivated by the above prejudices but it is a verbal expression. 

Calling a Mexican  a derogatory term or stereotyping a group and making a prejudiced comment is hate speech, but not a hate crime, remember that people. I do not condone hate speech or particularly agree with it in the slightest, but I am looking at this from a Constitutional standpoint.

Hate Speech has been around for ages but now we live in a world wrapped around PC culture. Leftist Millenials seem to be so sheltered in what they see on TV, the news, and social media that they tend to perceive things differently and freedom seems to be lost in translation. The lefts are trying to look at things with emotion as opposed to reason, textualism, understanding, and knowledge of the subject, slowly turning the nation away from our inherent rights.


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