A Reformation of Campus LGBT+ Movements

It is disturbing to see the direction campus LGBT+ movements have taken.  Whether it’s promoting “feminism” with aims to eradicate capitalism or they’re advocating censorship via strictly monitored safe-spacing, social justice has impeded the progress of a movement that should be searching for practical solutions to actual problems experienced by the community. In our movements, we should be progressive but also wary not to strip ourselves of the other rights we possess.

Contrary to what some conservatives suggest, there are, indeed, complications that need to be addressed concerning the well-being of LGBT+ people. For instance, according to the CDC, “LGB youth are more than twice as likely as their heterosexual peers to attempt suicide”. They are also more prone to substance abuse and are more likely to be depressed.

More statistics from the Williams Institute of UCLA have reported that 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT+. A staggering number considering the total LGBT+ population is estimated to hover somewhere around 7%. 68% of the respondents in the study claimed their homelessness was due to family rejection.

There are legal defenses still present that give LGBT+ individuals second class status. The gay/trans panic defenses are used in courtrooms across the nation with the exception of California, where they have been banned. These defenses allow individuals to justify their murder with “temporary insanity” because of same-sex sexual provocation, allowing part of the blame for their offenses to be pushed onto the victim in hopes for a lighter sentence.

These are a few of the issues that can be fixed through grassroots activism. There’s no need to sacrifice fundamental American institutions for the sake of improving the status of our community. In fact, I feel we should be mobilizing; utilizing our 1st amendment rights to raise awareness of these issues.

Unfortunately, you have those who only see a radical social reform of our society as the only solution to fixing all issues. They are seduced by the pretense that when all injustices (apparently including economic competition) are eliminated, that America will lose all of its negative prejudices towards minority communities. Because, after all, socialist regimes have never re-criminalized homosexuality, right?

The queer advocacy movements on college campuses are laughable and internal political reform has become essential.  Social justice groups, drenched in radical feminism, have been counter-intuitive to progress; further isolating LGBT+ peoples away from reality by demonizing cis, straight people to the point where some community members avoid them like the plague.

Reform will involve interaction with the opposition, and yes, the pansies will have to come out of their safe spaces if they want anything to improve. There is an unfortunate burden placed on the minority to educate the majority despite what many of the victimized say otherwise.

Sure, for betterment of our posterity’s status, we will need to change peoples’ attitudes towards the community. If that’s the gay agenda, I’m all for it. However, I will not tear apart the foundations that provide my rights and liberty. I will not replace an adjustable situation for a more lasting oppression.


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