Why Diversity Is The #1 Dividing Factor In America

In light of the recent race wars going on all over America, I’ve taken the time to analyze the many possible reasons why we have a race war in 2016. I’ve also taken the time to listen to both sides of the spectrum and have realized that the main dividing factor, the reason why we are in the situation that we are in right now is because we can’t get over diversity.

Now let me explain before you call for my head. Diversity is a wonderful thing. It’s an amazing thing that people of so many backgrounds and colors and religions can live among each other. America is a sea composed of the most beautiful people, skin colors, religions, ethnicities, and races.

However, what has gotten America to this state of emergency and national race tension is continuously pointing out the diversity. Let us imagine that there is a black, Asian, and a white in front of me (the Hispanic) and I take a look at the black folk and point out that my skin color is different than his. The Asian folk than takes a look at me and points out that I am different. Then the black folk takes a look at the white folk and points out his skin color and so on. We eventually end up at each other throats because we want to prove our skin color is the best one. We point out that we like different food, music, that we speak different languages, that we come (or our ancestors) from a different country, that we have different traditions, different values, different religions and we all fight to prove that we are the best, that our skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender etc is the superior one.

That’s exactly what is going on. We are in an ongoing war caused by our #1 dividing factor…. America’s diversity. It’s only natural that we are proud of who we are and what we represent and it’s only natural that we want to defend that and perhaps show how awesome we are to the rest and maybe even be the superiors, but that is what is dividing America.

I’ve always believed that the moment I got off of the airplane and stepped on American soil, I was no longer Salvadorian, but an American. An American who was proud of her Salvadorian heritage, but I am an American first and that, my friends is our uniting factor. Once we get to acknowledge and celebrate each other’s diversity and we agree that we are all awesome people, we can move on. The amazing thing about moving past the fact that yes we are a diverse group of people we can look ahead and accept and unite as Americans, as simply humans. Yes we have so many differences among us, but there is one uniting factor (and it is a very powerful factor); we are all, at the end of the day.

Americans-whether some may like it or not, we all unite as Americans and once we can accept that and embrace that and we can find a set of values in which we all agree make a good American (which I believe whether you are religious or not, the 10 commandments are a pretty good set of solid values that we can all agree make a good person and a good American citizen) we can prosper as a nation. We can live in a more peaceful place, we can prosper as individuals and as communities. We are so stuck on pointing out our differences that we forget about our shared quality, the most powerful, important one, our American identity.


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