We’re on the brink of Nuclear War…but did Trump use dirty language a decade ago???

While the media has obsessed over the litany of women on the Clinton Foundation payroll having newfound revelations about Trump “assaulting” them, their memory miraculously returning weeks before the election, DEFCON was downgraded to level 3 last Thursday.
DEFCON has not been at level 3 since 9/11; DEFCON 3 signals an “increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness,” with the Air Force ready in 15 minutes. This puts us near the brink of war.

Russian citizens have been instructed to find fallout shelters and gas masks by fliers and state-run infomercials, they have conducted mass evacuation drills, and underground bomb shelters have been prepped for prominent government officials. Russia has commenced ICBM tests throughout the Baltic region and mobilized their weapons arsenal. They have delivered s-300 anti aircraft surface to air missiles in Syria, and plan to send s-400 SAMs to Crimea.

Gorbachev expressed deep concerns over the growing tensions. Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak stated that current relations are similar to those of the Cold War.

The Obama/Kerry coalition has CALLED OFF DIALOGUE on Syria, as we insist on fighting the *secular* Assad regime — the same enemy as radical Islamists like ISIS and al Nusra (an al Qaeda offshoot, which we are no longer able to differentiate from “moderates”), and other rebel groups. Our UN ambassadors have gotten into the habit of walking out of Russian ambassador talks. After violating a ceasefire and killing 60 Syrian soldiers, by “mistake,” we had the audacity to accuse Russia of bombing a UN aid convoy (they did not). After Aleppo was bombed, half the city was retaken by al Qaeda forces within hours.

Clinton and Obama have accused Russia of intervening in the US election with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE (anyone remember how we sent John McCain to Ukraine??? Is that not “intervening” and “influencing” an election???), and promised “proportional” retaliation through cyber attacks—remember, this is against another nuclear superpower in PEACETIME.

In Yemen, the US has fired missiles in retaliation against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in the Western half of the country (al Qaeda is prominent in the eastern half). Our “allies,” the Saudis, ended up hitting a funeral full of civilians in a bombing campaign. In short, Moscow and DC are on opposite sides once again. Who’s to say which side justice is on.

US spokesman John Kirby was unable to fully justify our actions in Yemen in light of our accusations against Russia in Syria.

While the media has recently been exposed in WikiLeaks email dumps as literally coalescing with the Clinton campaign to guarantee her the election from the Democratic primary to the general election (why nobody trusts the media anymore), we are nearing war with a nuclear superpower. This is not another war against third-world tribesmen in the Middle East; this is a sophisticated and formidable opponent. Clinton has accused Russia of “foul play,” said Putin “does not have a soul,” and promises to continue our provocative policies of intervention in Syria and throughout the Middle East. Trump, on the other hand, has proposed working with Russia to defeat a common enemy: ISIS. He has also advocated for a foreign policy aimed at the interests of US citizens (unlike our current “invade, destabilize, and invite Middle Eastern regimes” paradigm).

So Never Trump-ers, keep your “principles,” but it is myopic and misanthropic to refuse to support Trump in light of world affairs. If the overwhelming evidence of Clinton’s corruption and blatant contempt for American people is not enough to make you support Trump, then maybe getting drafted into a nuclear war is. Armed conflict is a very real possibility in light of a Clinton presidency.


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