Choosing a President: Donald Trump’s words vs. Hillary Clinton’s Actions

Throughout the 2016 presidential election, the words of Mr. Trump have been the talk of this nation. From his infamous feud with Megyn Kelly to the recently leaked “locker room talk” tapes from 2005, Americans have cast the spotlight on Mr. Trump’s statements and many have been highly offended.

As Americans, we should discuss and review the rhetoric of those running for the highest office in the world, but the actions of an individual speaks to their character far more than their words do.

I am deeply troubled because for as much as Mr. Trump’s words have been scrutinized, Mrs. Clinton’s actions have been overlooked. It never ceases to amaze me that Mr. Trump’s comments make front page news, while the exact opposite holds true for Mrs. Clinton. This is partially the unfortunate result of the left-leaning, liberal bias in our media.

For instance, Mr. Trump referred to some women as “bimbos”, “slobs”, and “disgusting pigs,” while Mrs. Clinton publicly defended Thomas Alfred Taylor who violently raped Kathy Shelton when she was only 12 years old. Mrs. Clinton was also recorded on tape years later laughing about getting her client off in spite of his guilt and her knowledge of it at the time. The media makes it a point to dig up every verbal insult that Mr. Trump has used against women, and yet they have not given the Kathy Shelton case half as much coverage.

Mr. Trump voiced his opinions on women he deems attractive and unattractive. He also criticized Mr. John McCain for being a prisoner of war and questioned whether or not McCain is truly a war hero. Mrs. Clinton allowed Americans to die in Benghazi and she deleted 33 thousand emails from a private server, and in doing so,  she put our national security at risk.

We, as a nation, are at a crossroads with this election. It is imperative that we ask ourselves which is worse: the words of Donald Trump or the actions of Hillary Clinton. It should be abundantly clear which is more of a danger to our country and our democracy. It is my sincere hope that my fellow Americans will think wisely and then vote accordingly.

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  1. There’s plenty to criticize in Clinton’s record of actions. Trump’s record of failures and inhumane behavior goes back to early 1970s. His “actions” have often been just as bad as his words. I’ll be glad to give examples.


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