The Dangers of Anarchy: Open Borders

Anarchy is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “a state of disorder due to absence or other controlling systems.”
Anarchy is one of the most dangerous and detrimental political ideologies in existence. Small government is a necessity for a safe nation. A society where people can do whatever they want at will is a nightmare. We, as a country, need law and order and vetted systems in place to shield us from terrorism, mentally ill individuals, and threats that place our liberties in peril.
It concerns me when I’m online and I see tweets that read: “America doesn’t need borders.” This disposition is highly erroneous. As a conservative Libertarian, I support having strong borders around our country. Borders protect the liberty of Americans from dangerous groups like ISIS, Islam, etc. Not everyone supports our way of life and we have to be vigilant.
Under anarchy, there is nothing to forestall vicious people from committing heinous acts such as murder, rape, etc. Anarchism is an “every man for himself” regime and it places everyone at risk, especially women, children, the disabled, and the elderly.
Moreover, anarchism creates the ideal opportunity for a tyrannical dictator to seize control which highly increases the likelihood of communism or fascism becoming the new regime. Both are equally as perilous as anarchism.
Rand Paul once said: “I want a government so small that I can barely see it.” This is one of the core principles of libertarianism. Government exists to serve the people. Government must always be small, never nonexistent or big. A lack of government corrupts with as much intensity as big government.

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