Hillary’s Unfavorable Polling Could Lead Republicans To The Win

You may have heard people say “I’m not voting; your vote doesn’t matter” when they are asked if they are voting, or who they are voting for. Now, being so close to election day, it’s so sad how many people think this. Your vote absolutely matters, and here’s why.

Some people think, “Well I live in a Blue state like Massachusetts. My vote will be drowned out by all the Democrats.” The fact of the matter is that Hillary Clinton has some of the lowest approval ratings of any candidate ever. Back in August the Washington Post reported that 56% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of her. I can only imagine what it is now that the the FBI investigation has been reopened and Project Veritas released their sting footage.

If a Democrat isn’t thrilled about Hillary Clinton then they may not even care enough to go out and vote for her. That means Republicans have a chance at winning, even in states that typically vote Democrat.

There are also loyal Bernie Sanders supporters that are going to write him in, taking more votes away from Clinton. Fun Fact: Bernie Sanders hasn’t registered to be a write-in candidate, so those votes are useless.

Furthermore, Libertarians are abandoning their candidate to support Trump for a number of reasons. Some people may view Gary Johnson as a joke, after the Aleppo incident, and too childish after he faked a heart attack during a debate with an anti-marijuana advocate. Mostly, however, people understand that this election is too important to waste their vote on a candidate that has almost no chance of winning.

If you are someone who is not voting republican because you live in a blue state, have no fear. Like they say, ‘be the change y0u want to see” things don’t get done until we do them.

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