The ‘Theoretical’ Significance Of This Election

The reason that I say the “theoretical” is because I that there is a strong divide between the people who “won” and the people who “lost” and some might now be able to see it. However, I wanted for both parties to be able to relate to this significance so that everyone will be able to take in this significance. So to understand what the significance is, you must drop the personal views you may have and look into the concept of what happened. To relay an unbiased view, i will refer to each side as simply “one party”.

The better campaign

One party ran an absolutely flawless campaign, until the last couple of weeks. According to this Bloomberg article, they also raised over 860 million dollars, almost double what the other campaign raised. This party’s candidate has also been a politician for over 30 years giving it a huge advantage in theory. Said candidate also gained the endorsement and full support of nearly all of the biggest politicians in the game today. Naturally, it would only make sense to believe this party obviously won since they had the better campaign, nearly double the money, experience, and better endorsements. You would be wrong, the party that ran a campaign that didn’t really have a lot of money, didn’t have that great of a ground game and didn’t have full party support won.

So what?

So what does that mean? For the first time in history, America has elected a populist, first time elected official to the highest office in the world. The significance that I hope either party can see is the thought that a person has to be a politician with influence and under control of lobbies, has been crushed. This is a milestone for politics because America has elected a complete outsider that was and is hated by elite politicians and the media. America has slapped the typical election controllers in the face and chose their candidate, not the one chose for them.

You may not like the candidate chosen and that’s completely understandable, but everyone should be glad about this significance. America has absolutely destroyed the common belief that if a candidate isn’t a politician and doesn’t have influence in Washington, they can’t win. America has proved that it is tired of being controlled money and special interests and the people have chosen with their own interest in mind. This has proved to us that we don’t have to rely on lifelong politicians to have control in Washington and that we can elect people who better represent us, not special interest groups. We can elect people who work for us so we can get solid results and not the status quo.

Obviously, everyone isn’t going to be happy with the results, that unavoidable. But everyone can be happy with the significance that “We The People” have finally taken control of our elections.


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