How Leftist Media And Politicians Are To Blame For The Riots

As the fallout from the presidential election continues to swirl, the left continues its meltdown as protestors take to the streets with expressly violent rhetoric, action and an attitude that befits a three year old whose favorite toy was confiscated. They parade through the streets shouting “F*** Donald Trump,” and “Not My President.” Last night, the Portland police declared the “protests” in their city a ‘riot‘ as the violence and destruction of property worsened. In Seattle, shots were fired at a protest leaving multiple people injured and in Oakland 3 police officers were injured. Some may think this is a protest against “racism” and “bigotry,” because all the left has are slogans and buzzwords like that, when in reality it is a protest born of leftist media and democratic fearmongering that has been occurring for a number of years.

The media claims that the conservatives are the fearmongers, spreading lies about radical Islam to scare their bigoted constituents into a frenzy to secure more votes. But let’s take a look at the facts: the Washington Post called Donald Trump a “unique threat to American democracy;” USA Today declared Trump “unfit for the Presidency;” CNN stirred up more racial hate saying “If Trump weren’t a white man, he wouldn’t be getting support;” The media scared up their own, leftist constituents into a tornado of anger prior to the election, leaving just one outlet: violence.

It’s fair to say that this is a unique situation and maybe the media is justified, being that Trump has had a history of racist comments, even if some were taken slightly out of context, but this isn’t the first time. In 2012, Vice President Joe Biden declared that Mitt Romney, a man who was widely considered to be a good, moral human being, would “put (black people) back in chains,” and a spokesperson for President Obama is quoted as saying “we have no problem with these comments.” This should be troubling for everyone, especially considering the media had little-to-no negative response on the issue. To put it in perspective, the Vice President of the United States told black Americans that a Republican presidential candidate wanted to return to an era of slavery, and the media had little negative response to VP Biden and the office of the President of the United States had “no problem with these comments.”

The media calls the right fearmongers, but fail to look in the mirror or at their precious leftist politicians as the worst of the worst. Can you even call someone a fearmonger of radical Islam when actual Muslims admit there is a serious problem with radical Islam? They hypocrisy of the left and the media seems to be at an all-time high and we wondered how they could possibly sink lower, until these riots started. They scared the American populous into thinking Trump supporters were all bigots and racists and denounced the violence at Trump rallies prior to the election, all the while implying it was the Trump supporters, not, as it turns out, protesters, committing most of the violent acts. Now, as spoiled leftist children engage in actual harmful protests, the media denouncement is nowhere to be found. In fact, last night on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ the crowd cheered when he mentioned the riots in his monologue. The crowd cheered the people that can’t accept democracy and want to burn the country to the ground to get their way.

The media and our President, which should be denouncing these violent riots, are nowhere to be found. The media, who condemned Trump when he said he may not accept the results of the election, have nothing to say when Hillary supporters and leftists do not accept the results of the election. The simple truth is: the media and prominent leftist politicians, including the sitting President and Vice President, are responsible for these violent riots and for any and all injuries and/or deaths sustained during these riots. The left’s years of fearmongering and hateful rhetoric toward the right, all the while failing to keep their own constituents or themselves accountable for their actions, have come to fruition in the last few days, as all reasonable Americans can finally see who really is the true threat to Democracy: the left.


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