Never Trump is Never Right

The dust has settled, the initial jubilation has worn off (or shall I say “dulled”), and the reality of the work left to do has set in.  Yet the sweet taste of victory and blood of Never Trump-ers still lingers in my mouth.  And, unsurprisingly, Trump supporters discover themselves amidst a sea of newfound friends.  The Never Trump “conservatives,” after bailing ship, would like to come home to roost.

But while we may forgive, we will not forget.  We will not forget what they called us, how they treated us, what we had to deal with for the last year.  We have been smeared and slandered, called racists, homophobes, misogynists, traitors.  We were branded Putin sympathizers and Nazis.  Yet the only title we have ever wanted is “Americans.” 

These cries didn’t echo from the left alone.  They came most vociferously from a self-proclaimed “elite,” a (pseudo) “intellectual” class of detached “conservatives.”   They branded themselves the “Never Trump” movement.  But they were sure to lose.  They failed.  They had to.  At the end of the day, they weren’t out to “conserve” anything, save perhaps for their own job at a DC think tank.  They certainly were not out to conserve America, they had no desire to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

They shake their heads and wonder why they never achieve any meaningful conservative change.  But the answer is clear: they were not a conservatism for the people, but for themselves.  And that’s why, even though Trump may have failed, and still might in achieving many of his stated goals, they were destined to an inevitable death from the start. 

On November 8th, “We the People” made them look like the stuttering fools they are, defying their prophetic predictions, stupefying their experts, and spitting in their faces.  The American people rose up, put on display their beating heart and fiery will to survive.  The homeland is not dead.  It is alive and well. 

The people will not forget what the Never Trump-ers were perfectly willing to expose them to: the leadership of a woman who had grown to “hate everyday Americans,” a woman whose campaign chair engaged in demonic rituals (and it should be no surprise that her campaign promises reflect that).  A woman who salivates at the thought of spilling American blood—our blood—overseas, a woman promising to force pernicious modern gender ideologies on our youth, a woman who elevates murderous criminals over those dedicated to preserving the peace.  This is a woman who celebrates the slaughter of nearly 60 million babies, a woman dedicated to quickening our sink into the quagmire of degeneracy.  She is a woman who would refuse to consider the interests of the American people above those of elsewhere, and a woman zealous in her goal of the destruction of the American identity.  This is a woman that wanted to accelerate the advance of gay marriage and the decimation of the natural family, strip us of our natural right to keep and bear arms, expunge God from everyday American life, and usher in a mass influx of immigrants who threaten our very existence.  The threat to us was great.  To the Never Trump elites?  Not so much, or they simply didn’t care.  You decide. 

Churchill once remarked that a man’s life can either be nailed to the cross of thought or the cross of action.  The elites chose the cross of thought, and tried to help nail the American people to that same cross as well.  But simply standing idle while the left drove home the nails was not enough for them.  Never Trump-ers had to be there, handing them the hammer, providing them with the nails of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia.  But we would not let ourselves be crucified. Little did they realize, they are trying to be loved by people who will never love them. They were not planning to show us mercy, and now they crawl at our feet begging for acceptance. Now, they act like they are with us, another ally on our side. But we’ve seen where their allegiance lies. They would rather appease the left than serve their own. Today they cry for unity, after months of rejecting our calls to unite.  We get to lay the terms of that. Never Trump “conservatives,” know your place. It’s at the bottom of the totem pole. This isn’t your movement. It’s the people’s. Shut up and get in line. 


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