I Didn’t Vote For Trump, But I Wish I Had

Neither presidential candidate lived up to my requirements for the personal conduct of a president. Hillary Clinton, for obvious reasons including being pro-choice, consistently lying as a public figure over the course of her political career, light treason, the fact that she called a quarter of the country’s population “deplorable,” was a trainwreck of a candidate from the outset.

President-elect Trump also failed to garner my vote, however, I did not denounce or judge those who did vote for the Orange One, as his VP is a good, godly man, and his platform against abortion and in accordance with the constitution, specifically as it relates to the 2nd Amendment, was a noble one. It was, unfortunately, his personal behavior. He received an endorsement from the KKK but failed to denounce the organization or its agenda immediately. He changed his mind 3 days later and finally denounced David Duke and the KKK but the fact that someone would even have to think about that is heart-breaking. He called Mexican immigrants rapists, and even though this comment was taken out of context as he was clearly just referring to immigrants who had actually committed crimes, he did not do enough, in my opinion, to clarify or ameliorate his statement. And finally, he mocked a disabled reporter. Some say that was not his intent, but it is clear to me that that is not truthful. Mocking a disabled person of any kind is severely distasteful and under no circumstances should the mocker be put on a pedestal of morality. And the misogyny in and of itself was enough to force someway away from voting for Trump. My opinion was this: Trump has shown he is not a morally great person, which is fine because I’m not voting for someone to be the Pope; however, at what point is someone a dreadful enough person that we cannot endorse them? It was my opinion that it was time to draw a line in the sand because the person I’m electing to be the leader of the free world should at least have a slight moral compass, something I don’t believe the Orange One has.

However, since the election, seeing the outrage and general disregard for decent human behavior from the left, it has become clear to me that, despite the moral downfalls of this narcissistic man, he is the best choice to take control of this country. Without hesitation, after Trump became the President-elect, the leftist media dubbed this a “whitelash” against 8 years of black presidency. This immediate disregard of any moral values or individuality from the left is not only the reason they lost this election but the reason that they should no longer be trusted to provide any unbiased outlook on the state of America. To immediately dub 60 million or so Americans “racists,” when in reality many who voted for Obama switched their vote to Trump, is strikingly juvenile, misinformed, and offensive not only to non-racist whites, of whom you have no evidence of racism, but 12 percent of blacks that voted for Trump and 29 percent of Hispanics. Yet, the media continues to claim this entire election was all about racism, failing to understand that perhaps, some people don’t want to vote for a mildly treasonous president. Perhaps some people believe in the 2nd Amendment and their right to self-protection. Conceivably, some people want to protect the rights of the unborn and not continue the genocide that has claimed millions upon millions of would-be American lives.

It was not only the immediate name-calling and hate-spewing from the left but their inability to come to terms with reality. Donald Trump is president, and that’s the way it is. But the media continues to act like this is the end of civilization as we know it. They continue to act as if there is no system of checks and balances; as if there is no House of Representatives or Senate. We have a system of checks and balances in this country that make it impossible for Donald Trump to rule and enact policies, for the most part, without the consent of congress. But then it occurred to me: the media isn’t just angry about a Trump presidency, they are angry about Republican control of the government. They’re angry that the newest justice of the Supreme Court will be conservative. They’re angry because everything they say about Trump is also what they think of me, and of you, and of all of us. They do think we are deplorable. They do think we are all racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic nutjobs. They can’t fathom that there is a country out there that doesn’t exist in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and other major cities. This is a large, incredible country with diverse people who don’t agree on things and it scares the left, so they lash out.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, and for the record he still does not pass my moral aptitude test, but the media has been exposed and the left’s true feelings towards those on the right have come to light. I wish I had voted for Donald Trump because the constitutional ideals he campaigned for, and that prayerfully will be enacted by he and this Republican congress, are worth fighting for against an enemy that sees conservatives as despicable human beings. The left deserves no quarter and we must fight them for every inch.



  1. Good read, but he didn’t mock a disabled reporter. He also denounced David Duke at least 10 times. David Duke endorsed Keith Ellison for DNC chair but where was the outrage over that?

    The left in its current form can never be allowed to hold any meaningful amount of power in the country again. They will destroy every good and right thing in this country if we let them.

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  2. Your recent boasting about not even voting shows just how much of a cretin you are. You should be made to do 1500 hours of community service …. shelving books in a library, military service, helping at the police and/or firestations …. something to show you give a rat’s ass more than hearing your own voice. You are the reason so many folks look askew at us East Texans!


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