Leftist Professors Are Responsible For Radical Students

As a conservative living in Los Angeles, Calfornia, I feel as if there is constantly a target on my back. Attending California State University, Los Angeles, I am literally forced to breathe the extreme leftist ideology in the air. Being constantly exposed to toxic ideas such as political correctness and safe spaces, conservatives often find themselves going insane.

Take it from someone who was a former Maoist, I’m not upset about being exposed to it. What upsets me the most is the fact that, as a conservative, i cannot challenge leftist ideology without fear of being verbally or physically attacked by fellow students or worse leftist professors. Often we hear disgusting stories of leftist professors openly denouncing conservatives. One example is a leftist professor openly admits to hating Republicans.  Another is a leftist professor openly advocated an attack the NRA and “leave no survivors.”

How is a conservative student attending one of their classes supposed to feel when they hear professors openly advocating hatred and violence against right-wing individuals for the sole reason that they disagree with them?

How will liberal students see conservatives when they are being taught that anyone who disagrees with them is the scum of the earth?

Just recently after Trump’s victory against the Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton, every university in America went insane. Leftist students took it upon themselves to protest and riot. The mass hysteria was insane, and Trump isn’t even in office yet! Why in the world are students ditching classes and neglecting their education to protest the election of Donald Trump?

Leftist students are protesting because their leftist professors are encouraging this madness and childish behavior. Rather than encouraging open discourse and discussion, college students have taken it upon themselves to shut down views that they disagree with because it was “offensive.”

The result of this indoctrination has resulted in utter madness and sheer violence against conservatives.

At California State University Los Angeles, a feminist, who was wearing a bra on her head, tore down signs promoting a YAF lecture because it’s offensive! At Ohio University, leftist threw a hissy fit because the food that was served was cultural appropriation. At San Francisco University, leftist student Bonita Tindle harassed a white male for having dreadlocks.

I can just go on and on with these examples of students acting like little children and attacking those who don’t agree with them. Leftist professors are responsible for this madness. Conservatives students can host speakers to open the eyes of their fellow peers, assuming they want to listen and not try to interrupt the event. Conservative students can debate and have an intellectual discussion with other students on campus, assuming they want to be civil. Conservative students can hosts all the events that they want but at the end of the day, it is all dependent on leftist professors who are filling the heads of their students with regressive ideology.

If we want to start making a change on college campuses, we must hold the teachers accountable for all the dangerous ideology that they teach to children.


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