Dear Liberal Celebrities, No One Cares About Your Crappy Political Opinions

Dear Liberal Celebrities,
No one cares about you. We don’t care about your crappy political opinions. We, the people, have spoken and we, the people, have chosen Donald J. Trump to be our next President. Deal with it.

As a conservative who is very active in social media, I am sick and tired of celebrities preaching to us about how evil Donald Trump is. Like Casey Neistat, who made his ‘big announcement’ that he was voting for Clinton. Let me be perfectly clear: we are not going to take your political opinions seriously, especially when illegal immigration doesn’t affect you, when gentrification doesn’t affect you, and when high taxes and regulations do not affect you.

Your political opinions mean nothing to us when we are undergoing the slowest recovery since World War II and you sit in your cozy mansions thumbing your nose down at how stupid we are for supporting a “racist, sexist, Xenophobic, Transphobic, Homophobic, whateverphobic.” Your petty insults are not working anymore. Newsflash: no one will vote on your side when you keep insulting them to no end.

What prompted me to write this, you ask? It’s not the cast of Hamilton, calling out Vice President-Elect Mike Pence. It’s not a slew of celebrities preaching that Hilary Clinton is the best candidate. It’s Green Day, chanting “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA,” during the American Music Awards. Guess what, Trump won, and chanting stupid moronic chants and protesting isn’t going to change it.

I thought that after the election was over that life would return to normal and the radical, smug, elitist left would just shut up and return to their daily lives, but no. It’s even worse. Now we are being told that we live in a racist, sexist, capitalist society, and Donald Trump for them is the great affirmation of their victimhood.

Donald Trump is the result of you morons calling everyone, racists, sexists, bigoted homophobic, etc… I’ve lost count as to what you are calling us now. We, the American people, are suffering because our jobs are being lost and Obamacare is crippling us. But not you, the liberal elite, who are more than happy to thumb your nose down on us, who have been seeking the one chance we have to get our jobs back from China and Mexico. Guess what, we, the American people, are fed up and have had enough.

No one cares about your stupid condescending views of us. We have made our decision.



  1. Amen!
    BUT we’ve got to realize, the left never gives up and in defeat are all the more vicious and resolute. We’ve got to be the same.


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