The Countless Lies Of The Left: White Privilege

White Privilege

The left claims there is implicit bias and “white privilege” perpetrating nearly every aspect of American life. Whites are immediately more likely to go to college, to graduate from college, to get a good job, simply based on the color of their skin. This is taught in universities all across the US and the phrase “check your privilege” has become common as students and professors urge students of privilege to think about how their skin color or sexual orientation has aided them in their own lives and how they can best pay reparations for their unforgivable sin of being, say, white cisgendered males.

They cite income inequality as the main reason for white privilege, as well as social issues such as unequal prison and drug sentences. The left spends all its energy making minorities feel like the victims of an unfair system and they attempt to correct for history with schemes to buy the minority vote, such as affirmative action. But, ideas like affirmative action are actually racist themselves and, strangely, affect Asian-Americans the most. So why doesn’t the left care about them? If their goal is to allow minorities to gain equality with whites, why do they punish the Asian-American community that at one time was heavily discriminated against themselves?

The answer is simple: Asian-Americans are the highest-achieving group of any ethnicity in America, including whites. They graduate college at higher rates than any other ethnicity group and tend to get higher-paying jobs after graduation. So the left cannot make them feel victimized because Asian-American culture has overcome any would-be victimization. This is why the left does not care about the disadvantages they invoke upon Asian-Americans, only toward blacks and Hispanics.

They can continue to make blacks and Hispanics feel marginalized by lying to them about things like white privilege and “implicit bias” to garner their vote. There has been a string of lies about police violence against blacks all for one purpose: so the left can swoop in, let it be known that they support the black community, and win their vote. All the while, they continue to shell out big-government entitlements to minorities in inner cities, rather than devising economic solutions to allow these people to find jobs, stimulate the economy in these areas and help them pull themselves out of their situation. But the left doesn’t want that. They want a constituency that is fully dependent upon government, because who would dare bite the hand that feeds them? If you can keep them reliant, believes the left, you can keep them compliant.


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