The Countless Lies of the Left: Diversity

For all the blatantly stupid ideals the left perpetuates, such as Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriorism, among innumerable others, we must give them credit for their marketing campaign over the last few decades. The left has been able to paint the right as the party of hate and bigotry. They’ve raised the curtain upon supposed conservative racism and sexism and in the process have captured the hearts and, most importantly to the left, the votes, of minorities and young people. The goal of the left has been achieved: they’ve shown themselves as the diverse, loving, morally superior party. The only problem? The left’s entire platform is based on lies.


Diversity is one of the popular leftist buzzwords of the day. There are “diversity directors” on college campuses, ensuring that racial and sexual identity diversity can flourish. These are not ignoble pursuits, as it is important to extract information and points of view from all types of people. It’s difficult, for example, for a middle-class white man to understand what a black man who grew up in the inner city has truly gone through or to comprehend his outlook of the world. This is what Andrew Klavan says: ‘the left always begins each argument with a shred of truth but takes it to absurd levels,’ or something to that effect. He, undoubtedly, was extensively more eloquent. Nobody denies that different races may have different views of the world. However, the true issue with the left is that they lack, purposely, diversity of ideas.

Just in the past few weeks, students and administrators alike have battled against the notion of free speech in an attempt to ban any ideas that are not in agreement with their leftist philosophies. They acquire racial diversity, but not diversity of opinion, which manifests itself into a group of uniformed Orwellian groupthinkers that can’t fathom or accept that there are dissenting viewpoints in this country. The problems with that method are that, firstly, those people cannot have a proper discussion about policy or things that truly matter, but are limited to character arguments that often have little-to-no ties to reality, let alone relevance. That causes problems because then, when it comes time to discuss policy, they are unable to and are forced to revert back to their character arguments. The second issue is that these people then go on to demonize those who believe differently than they do, resulting in a hateful, divided America. And it is this divided America upon which the left thrives. They desire for there to be division because, the more division, the more they can flaunt the title they gave themselves, the “party of love,” and attract voters who only see that slogan and jump on board or especially those who feel they have been marginalized by the next leftist lie, white privilege(but we’ll save that for next time).

There are countless more lies from the left. Including the fact that they claim to protect and stand up for the rights of those who can’t protect themselves yet continue to expedite the cause of unborn genocide. The left claims to be about diversity but immediately excludes anyone on the right who disagrees with them, shouting them down and calling them racists. The left is not inclusive; they are hateful, they are liars, they are cowards, and they must be beaten.



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