The Countless Lies of the Left: Party of Science

This week, I have been chronicling the left’s bald-faced lies to the American people. They continue to blatantly and knowingly lie to Americans and then tell those same Americans that they are morally corrupt human beings. Today’s topic is no different, because, if you disagree, not only are you ignorant, but you also hate people who don’t conform to social norms.

“Party of Science”

One of the left’s go-to arguments against the right is that the left is the almighty “Party of Science” and mock people on the right who have the nerve to believe in something bigger than themselves or don’t believe in widely-disputed climate change claims. They believe climate change is almost completely human-created and regularly cite mendacious claims about 97% of climate scientists supporting the idea of man-made climate change. This is an outrageous lie, as anyone with a brain would understand that for that to be true, a list of every single climate scientist in the world would need to be comprised and this question posed to each of them. Something which, of course, has never happened. This is simple logic, yet the left fails to see it, something becoming more and more common. Do some scientists agree on man-made climate change? Of course. Do some disagree? Of course. And it’s because of this disagreement from more than just a few scientists that makes you scratch your head when you see ridiculous, untruthful numbers like ‘97%’ come from the left. The real question is: should we even listen to the left’s thoughts on science of any sort?

Facebook, arguably the most well-known site in the world, has recently updated their platform to include 58 gender options from which their users can choose. Fifty-Eight. It’s hard to even say that out loud without chuckling a little bit. Biologically, there are 2 genders. There’s male and there’s female. Any contrarian view is anti-science, anti-common sense, and, frankly, complete denial of fact. Yet the left continues to deny fact and logic and science by insisting men can become women and some people aren’t men or women at all. There has been no evidence that being transgender or non-binary is a psychological fact, and none seems forthcoming. These poor people have debilitating mental illnesses that the left intends to coddle until, in many cases(somewhere around 40% of cases) leading to suicide attempts. What needs to be done is to provide these people with proper medical and psychiatric help to allow them to flourish and not be constrained by something that is considered to be a mental illness by most reputable health organizations. But the left would rather enable mental illness and put people’s lives at risk while ignoring their precious science.

The left uses mockery to make the right look foolish while they, themselves, lie to their constituents, claiming to be the inscrutable “Party of Science” to which we should all bow down.


One comment

  1. In this piece, you attack the left as being the party of science from two angles: climate change is of indeterminate authenticity and gender is inherently a binary.

    As for climate change, the 97% of scientists support climate change is a phrase commonly thrown around, and, as you state, is not entirely correct. The fact is that of climate researchers a number of studies show that an overwhelming majority(generally 90-98%) are convinced that climate change is caused by humans.

    As for your argument about gender, I think it might be beneficial for you to learn what the argument of the left is. The most common assertion by the left is that gender is a social construct tied to biological sex. Therefore, no argument about whether gender is or is not binary will serve your case that the left is not the party of science. If you struggle to understand the idea of social constructs then you should take a more critical view of the world.


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