What a Petraeus Nomination Means

Donald Trump has yet to make his most important cabinet appointment as he continues to weigh his options for Secretary of State. His supporters have called for him to dismiss Mitt Romney from consideration based on Romney’s comments about the president-elect during the campaign. Rudy Giuliani is another candidate as well as Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee, former Ambassador John Bolton, retired General John Kelly, and the most controversial candidate of all, former CIA Director David Petraeus. Despite Petraeus’ obvious faults, his run-ins with the law being the most prevalent, that isn’t the main reason for current outrage from some members of the right.

Gun Owners of America(GOA), one of the most powerful gun lobbies in the country, has openly denounced Petraeus as a candidate for Secretary of State. Petraeus is a well-known advocate for stricter gun laws, even going so far as to team up with fanatical anti-gun proponents Mark Kelly and wife Gabrielle Giffords to establish an anti-gun organization attempting to strengthen gun laws and keep firearms out of the hands of 2nd Amendment-protected citizens. This is a frightening prospect for Americans who believe in the constitution and believed Mr. Trump when he assured conservatives time and again that he would protect the 2nd Amendment from an increasingly anti-constitutional surge from the left. He was endorsed by the NRA, but now it appears he may be reneging on his promises by placing an anti-gun advocate in a powerful position.

The UN Arms Trade Treaty is one of the most important reasons, states GOA, that Petraeus cannot be approved to be Secretary of State. This agreement would put into motion a machine that potentially could not be stopped, as it could authorize comprehensive gun bans. Therefore, the United States needs a Secretary of State who will fight for Americans’ basic human right to self-defense.

After a campaign that saw president-elect Donald Trump champion his NRA-endorsement tag, a Petraeus Secretary of State appointment would be a direct slap in the face to all conservatives and 2nd Amendment supporters that put their faith in him. Conservatives must hold Trump’s feet to the fire when he is making decisions opposite to our views, and it begins with this Secretary of State appointment.


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