Draining The Swamp Or Rewarding The Establishment? Trump’s Cabinet So Far…

With the latest appointments to the Trump administration’s cabinet, the cabinet is around half way full and starting to take shape. While there have been some quality picks, many speculate just how dedicated The Donald is to “draining the swamp” or if he may be building a team of rivals like Lincoln did. However he is going about it, here are the latest picks for cabinet positions.

Picks so far- Important to note that most positions require senate confirmation*

Chief of StaffReince Priebus

Priebus is the current Chairman of the GOP. He was not necessarily a proponent of Trump’s during the primaries, but wasn’t an enemy either. Trump appointing Reince doesn’t really fit the “drain the swamp” narrative but he has only been in D.C. for a few years.

Chief StrategistSteve Bannon 

Bannon was the Trump’s campaign CEO for the last two months of the election and is a senior adviser the Trump as well. Bannon has also run the right-wing media outlet Brietbart for the last few years. Bannon has been considered alt-right but Trump and himself have denounced this. Bannon is considered a radical choice because of his far-right stance on many issues and is definitely not considered part of the swamp in D.C.

National Security AdviserMichael Flynn

Flynn has served our country in the U.S. Army for over 30 years and retired with the rank of Lieutenant General. After retirement, he acted as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency between 2012-2014. Flynn has spoken out strongly against Obama and ISIS and will be a large component in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

Attorney GeneralJeff Sessions

Sessions is currently a Senator from Alabama but has held several positions similar to the Attorney General positions. Sessions was appointed by President Reagan as a U.S. attorney in Alabama for 12 years and then served as Alabama’s Attorney General for 2 years before being elected to the U.S. Senate. Sessions has been a major Trump supporter because of his tough stance on illegal immigration, and even helped Trump with immigration policies during the primaries.

Secretary of DefenseJames “Mad Dog” Mattis

Mad Dog Mattis is a retired Marine General and served as the Chief of the  U.S. Central Command. Mattis brings a ton of experience to the table and is known to be truthful and honest in every situation and has even criticized Trump on his NATO position. Mattis is not just another “yes man” and will offer the cabinet a lot of valuable experience. Here is a list of Mad Dog quotes to wrap your head around what kind of man he is.

CIA DirectorMike Pompeo

Pompeo is a retired Army Captain and a current representative from Kansas. Pompeo is an accomplished lawyer and served as the CEO to Thayer for a decade. He has been a major critic of Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi situation and of the Iran Deal. Pompeo also served on the House Intelligence Committee.

Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentBen Carson 

Carson is a retired neurosurgeon and came from the very poor inner-city streets of Detroit, which could be beneficial to his job. Carson endorsed Trump early and has been decently loyal to him throughout the general election. Carson has a real passion for helping those in poverty and has the experience to do it. Carson is definitely an outsider and ran on a similar message of cutting the stagnation in D.C..

U.N. AmbassadorNikki Haley

Haley is currently in her second term as Governor of South Carolina and the daughter of immigrants from India. Haley was a critic of Trump’s during the primaries, but endorsed him after he won. Trump believes Haley to be the best person for the job because of her track record of bringing foreign companies into South Carolina and has touted her as a “dealmaker.” Trump’s pick of Haley shows that he is willing to branch out to non-loyalists to find the best person for the job.

Education SecretaryBetsy DeVos

Devos is the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and a billionaire businesswoman. Devos is exactly what Trump was looking for to end common core and education stagnation. Devos has said that she is not a supporter of common core and is a major proponent of school choice and voucher programs.

Commerce SecretaryWilbur Ross

Ross is a very successful wall street investor and has spent his life resurrecting dying businesses. Ross is an outsider to D.C. and could be a major factor in our future trade deals and agreements. Ross’s passion has always been in revitalization of industries, such as steel. The case could be made that revitalization is exactly what is needed.

Health and Human Services SecretaryTom Price

Price is a six-term congressman from Georgia and a retired orthopedic surgeon. In congress, Price led the fight against Obamacare and continues to be very outspoken against it. Trump reached out to someone who could replace Obamacare with a better plan and found a great pick.

Transportation SecretaryElaine Chao

Chao was appointed as the Deputy Transportation Secretary and Director of the Peace Corps under George H. W. Bush and Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush. Chao is also married to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has been a senator for over 30 years. Chao is the exact opposite of draining the swamp, but brings a ton of experience to the Trump cabinet.

Secretary of TreasurySteve Mnuchin

Mnuchin is a successful Wall Street Banker, movie producer, and worked for Goldmann Sachs for 17 years. Mnuchin is a Trump loyalist and served as finance chairman for his campaign. He is very much an outsider and has never held a government job.

There are still several appointments to be made, most notably Secretary of State, which has received a lot of judgment as to whether Trump will choose a loyalist, outsider, or someone else. So far Trump’s cabinet is a decently diverse mix of insiders, outsiders, critics, and loyalists, but overall some solid picks. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the cabinet shakes out over the next month or so.


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