Nancy Pelosi: The Best Christmas Gift the GOP Will Receive This Year

Nancy Pelosi could easily become the best thing that happened to the GOP this year. Under her failed leadership, we have managed to gain complete control of the White House, Senate, and the House. In addition to complete control, the GOP is enjoying its largest lead in congress while controlling the White House since 1928. Not only can we thank Pelosi for this year’s election, but we can go ahead and thank her for the 2018 elections as well.

Democrat numbers under Pelosi

With Pelosi winning the Democrat’s house leadership for the 8th consecutive term, this nearly guarantees victories in 2018 for the GOP. Since 2008 every branch of elected officials has dropped in big numbers, as you can see in this chart here .Pelosi has been our ace and we should be happy to have her back.

Disagreement in the Democrat Party

Of course, all the Democrats don’t feel the same way about Pelosi as we do. There is disunity growing amongst the democrats because of this crushing blow and many believe that it’s time for a change. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) led the effort of this change to reach more middle, working-class families by running for House Minority Leader himself. Ryan is a representative from the rust belt, an area that helped Trump immensely and was ultimately his biggest asset. Even though Ryan lost, his one-third of the vote was larger than expected and speaks to the discontent with the typically unopposed leadership.


Overall, 2018 is looking strong. With With 33 Senate seats up for grabs, only 8 are held by Republicans and the Democrats will have 25 to hold off. Also, several of the seats up for grabs are in states that Trump won which will be an added bonus for the GOP.

Several members of the GOP are taking this same tune about Pelosi’s win. The NRCC has even taken to twitter to show their elation and say that “there’s no one we would rather have leading the House Democrats”.

This disconnect with voters doesn’t seem to be a problem for Pelosi, who recently said that the Democrats are not looking for a new direction. So between Pelosi’s failing attempts to reach out to average voters and the discontent amidst the ranks of the Democrats, 2018 is looking like a breeze.



  1. Dont underestimate independent voters who will try to balance power, absolute power corrupts. Elections should be on performance, may the best candidates with proven records win.


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