A Message To Potential Progressives

This election was undoubtedly a blessing of hope, and I say this as a queer activist. For too long has the left encouraged people to wallow in their own victimization and bask in the fear-mongering surrounding the Trump election. We are becoming a nation of cowards, and I am thankful that this election has the potential to reverse the course of this awful direction in which we’re heading. What we need in this age is bravery, and the 2016 election has given the potential for its rekindling.

What is a leftist’s worst nightmare in America? It comes in the fashion of a red tide; when the house, senate, and presidency are Republican. It’s when the presidential nominees for the Supreme Court and Trump’s cabinet are conservatives. The left has awoken from their ‘kumbayah’ dreaming and this is now a reality. After the results, the panic was visible. All across universities, leftists scrambled to their safe spaces, unable to confront the truth. Exams were cancelled. There were tears.

Let me say something to my far-left-wing acquaintances: I may not agree with your ideas, but I hope this is a wake-up-call, telling you that your ideas will not go anywhere unless you confront your adversaries in an arena of free-speech.

It is known that you leftists own academia. However, what you should have realized from this election are two things: 1) you will not gain popular support with your ideas by refusing to directly confront people or circumventing them by trying to change policy. It isolates yourselves and, frankly, angers other people. 2) The world outside is much more red than you anticipated, and, the truth is, it’s harder to find a safe-space there.

So, what needs to be done? I’m no sympathizer to the overly-superstitious religious right. Many preserve sentiments that dehumanize queer people. I want to utilize this election to make us, cultural libertarians, stronger. We need powerful, educated, vocal, cultural progressives to stifle their negative influence.

You should have learned by now that you cannot stamp out actual homophobia and transphobia from your safe-spaces. We must engage people in the free speech arena and bravely advocate for ourselves. You need self-empowerment. Put down the goddamn play-dough, and take up some boxing or something to really build self-esteem and discipline. Drop the gender-studies major, and learn to make for yourself a respectable name in the workforce. Meet people outside of your own circle, challenge their ideas and let them challenge yours.

Progressives, you cannot afford to appear weak and vulnerable. You should be proud of your identity but you have to fight to gain cultural acceptance. Your ideas must be feasible, compromising to reason, and explainable to the masses in order for anything to go anywhere. There is a chance as long as there is motivation.

I am incredibly tired of the inaction from campus communities to try and integrate ideas with the common culture. I’m tired of the self-victimization and the stereotypes it places on us giving the impression that we are weak and pitiful. In the past, I have tried my hardest to rally everyone, and my attempts were met with failure. Now, I get to watch and see what happens as their world view takes a tumble.

My hope is that you all exit the pity-party scene and gain some self-worth. I hope you become rational progressives and do good things for this nation’s culture. I hope you can fix the violence and homelessness surrounding minority communities. I hope this election wakes many of you up so that you might do some legitimate activism.


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