Jill Stein’s Election Recount Is Fraud

Shortly after the 2016 election, Jill Stein introduced an election recount. She has been successful in raising money from millions of Americans. In her words, “#Recount2016 does not benefit one candidate over another. It benefits all voters across the political spectrum.” This, amongst many elements of the recount, is something that I’m not buying into.

According to Stein, the election recount is being issued so that “All Americans can have a voice,” but interestingly enough, we DO have a voice and we used that voice to reject Stein, Clinton, Johnson and to elect Trump. In fact, after a recount in Wisconsin, it was shown that Trump picked up 163 additional votes. There have always been speculations of voter fraud, but Stein alleged that voter machines have been hacked with no proof to support the claim. This seriously wounds her credibility. If she is going to make blatant accusations, they need to be serious and supported by evidence.

Unsurprisingly, Stein’s Election Recount has an anti-Trump bias, not an anti-Clinton bias or even a bias against both anti-Trumps. If she wasn’t so wholly against Trump and neutral towards Clinton, then her recount might be plausible. On December 5th, Stein held a protest outside of Trump Tower in New York. Why didn’t she protest outside of the Clinton Foundation in New York as well? Obviously, Trump was the winner of the election, but if you use Stein’s logic, what’s to say that Clinton didn’t obtain votes illegally also?

I’m not surprised by the prejudice of this recount. I’ve always know the Green Party is merely a repackaged version of the Democrat Party. Both parties support abortion, progressivism, illegal immigration, and ridiculously high taxes. On a plethora of issues, Clinton is conservative in comparison to Stein.  Her rhetoric and attacks on Trump have mirrored Clinton’s: “ Trump is a danger to our democracy, communities of color are oppressed,” blah, blah, blah. It gets repetitive after awhile.

The best thing for Stein to do would be to end this recount. It has no merits, no substance and has been rejected by several judges. She wasn’t even on the ballot in all fifty states and millions of Americans recognize this recount for the scam that it is. Jill Stein must swallow her pride and accept the cold, hard truth: she lost the election.


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