The Global Rejection of Globalism

The rise of Globalism is coming to a halt. Citizens of countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Holland, and Germany are rising and starting to fight against over-powering bureaucracies. These citizens are fighting against big government and it is happening all over. The silent majority is tired of the over-reaching bureaucracies and are unabashedly showing their nationalist roots.

The United States

The fight against globalism was cut and dry in the United States this election year. Electing Hillary Clinton would have meant an extension of Obama’s socialist policies versus Donald Trump’s pure nationalist message. Trump’s theme of America first resounded among voters that were in favor of a country with strong borders and against illegal immigration. They felt that America has had been abused by other countries in our international trade deals and foreign aid. The silent majority came out and showed that they were tired of the direction that the country was headed in, and voted to make America great again.

The United Kingdom

‘Brexit’ was the UK’s rebellion against globalism. It consisted of a nationwide referendum among the citizens to decide if they would remain in, or exit the EU. The UK voted 52%-48% to leave the EU which was a shock to much of the world. The sentiment with those who voted this way was that they felt like they were had been cheated by the EU, putting too much in and not getting anything in return. They were further concerned with the country’s growing illegal immigration problem and wanted their country to have tougher laws and stronger borders. The citizens of the UK also wanted national sovereignty because they felt as if they were becoming the “United States of Europe,” which was contrary to their desires.


The Italian referendum was a vote to allow changes to their constitution that would change up the constitutional balance of power. These changes would have taken the power away from their senate and given more power to the elite to make decisions. The Italian citizens overwhelmingly rejected this with a vote of almost 60%-40%, fighting back against big government and liberal policies. Like the other EU skeptics, the Italian citizens want out to regain their sovereignty, drop the euro for their own currency, and renegotiate international trade deals.


Germany hasn’t had their exit moment or any referendums, but a poll shows that over 60% of the German population believes the country is heading in the wrong direction. Most of their feelings stem from Angela Merkel’s Muslim refugee policy which has brought over one million refugees in within the past two years. This has led to increased terror attacks and threats in Germany from these refugees. A poll was taken and shown that almost half of German citizens believe that the refugees are the country’s biggest problem. This overwhelming support for the decrease of globalist policies has caused Merkel to change her tune since she is up for re-election soon. Merkel has now proposed a nationwide ban on burkas to seem as if she is trying to take control of the refugee terrorism troubles. With the effects of globalism weighing on Germany, it is not far-fetched to believe a globalism rebellion sect could spring up at any time.


Holland will have their “Nexit” which will be the same type of referendum that Brexit was to the UK. Like the UK and Italy, Holland wants to leave the EU and renegotiate its trade deals, drop the euro, and regain national sovereignty. Holland’s citizens also have growing concerns over the refugee crisis, which one poll shows the top concern of 65% of the population. Holland has the same concerns of all of the other countries threatening to leave the EU. Like Holland, these countries are fighting back against big government, globalism, and taking back their bureaucracy.


France could be turning away from liberal globalism policies as well if Marine Le Pen wins the election next year. Le Pen represents France’s conservative party and the main hope for anyone planning to follow suit and leave the EU. Le Pen has already said that if she gets elected she plans to hold a referendum to leave the EU. Le Pen represents the growth of nationalism within France and the disgust with globalism from the silent majority. Globalism has taken a huge hit and could likely lead to the end of the EU and possibly even Globalism as a whole.



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