America Must Take Action in Syria

President Obama had the best of intentions when he started shaping the disaster that is now Syria. In 2011, following the Arab spring, calls for democracy and western ideals spread all over the Middle East. A civil war started in Syria, and Washington bilaterally agreed to assist the rebels in overthrowing the dictator Bashar al-Assad. America tepidly did so by providing training and aid without any real plans for a long-term solution. Unfortunately, the situation escalated into a horrific war with no end in sight. We must now step up and decide how best to stabilize the region and do so quickly.

Syria appears to be deja-vu of the demise of Iraq. After the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s ruthless government, Iraq rapidly destabilized. The Taliban, ISIS, and Hezbollah snapped up land, enslaved locals and perpetrated widespread murders of ‘infidels’ both at home and abroad. This is already happening in Syria, where ISIS controls large swaths of land. Something must be done to secure the future of Syria and the people that live there.

“We are at a make-or-break moment. I challenge everyone to use their influence now to restore a cessation of hostilities, enable humanitarian assistance everywhere it is needed and support the United Nations in charting a political path for the Syrians to negotiate a way out of the hell in which they are trapped.  You have now no higher responsibility in your service as members of the United Nations Security Council.” – Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

World Security is at Risk

Over 11 million refugees have left Syria. This places an incredible burden and security risk on both Europe and North America. Worse yet, Russia filled the superpower void left by an uncertain USA. Russia is now making critical decisions in this war-torn country. With its allies, America could have prevented this mess years ago by helping to secure the region, therefore preventing Russia and Iran from dominating.

President Obama refuses to work with Russia, Iran, and Syria.  He has lost that right. The stakes of American national security and world peace are too high to allow another Middle Eastern country, this time Syria, to become overrun with terrorist organizations hell-bent on destroying the West. Although America should attempt to spread democracy whenever possible, as was the attempt when we first aided the Syrian rebels, we cannot afford to do so when it ultimately risks our national security and that of western Europe.

We must take action before more lives and American national security is put in jeopardy.


One comment

  1. First of all, Ban Ki Moon is a flop, he’s soon heading to South Korea to run for prez; Secondly, America is the only force in that region which backs the Kurds, the moderates who fight the ISIS, so agreement on that advocacy is hard to reach. Third, Russia and Iran are geographically better positioned to track the path of Syria, America should not intervene.


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