If Trump is Racist, Islam is Violent: A Logical Perspective

For the entirety of the election, and even now, the left has been labeling Trump as a racist, as they do with seemingly everyone on the right. These same leftists also claim Islam is a peaceful religion that has been perverted by the many Muslims who commit terrorist attacks in the name of their God.

The only instance that the left uses in the ‘Trump is racist’ argument, is his claim that some illegal immigrants were drug dealers and rapists. I am not condoning those statements, but they were taken out of context by the media to give the appearance that the President-elect believes all Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists. He clearly meant only some of the illegal immigrants. But that isn’t even the point. Other than that one comment, taken entirely out of context and deliberately misunderstood, the media has been able to find no evidence of racism from Donald Trump. And yet, they continue to label him as racist.

They label him as a racist because of his supporters, plain and simple, as evidenced by the above article. Because the KKK and white supremacists support him, the media and leftists deceive the American public by touting Trump as a racist. I’m not attempting to shill for Donald Trump. I don’t know if he is racist because I don’t know the man. I do know that there is little-to-no evidence of actual racism. I am simply stating that to claim someone is racist because of their followers is insane and irresponsible.

But, humor me for a second as we play the left’s game. They call Trump racist because of his followers. At the same time, they claim Islam is a peaceful religion that is simply misunderstood in the world and does not promote the violence that many of its followers have discharged. And yet, we see attack, after attack, after attack, after attack, all in the name of Islam. The President of these United States cannot even bring himself to use the words radical Islam but continues to claim it is a peaceful religion, despite endless examples to the contrary. Hopefully, by now it’s easy to see where I’m going with this.

The left has contradicted themselves with these two separate claims. Obviously, this is not uncommon with the left but these two separate issues are dangerous in and of themselves. Labeling Trump a racist simply because some of his followers happen to be despicable racists themselves does not add up. Because, by that logic, Islam IS, in fact, an incredibly violent religion that continues to have atrocities committed in its name all over the globe, with little to no response from the left except, “we can’t call this Islamic terror because so many Muslims don’t act that way.”

Leftists, hopefully, you see the quandary here. To achieve intellectual integrity, the same standards must be applied across the board. If Trump is racist because a small sect of his followers are racist, then that’s your argument; but if that’s true, then Islam is a violent religion because what you believe to be a small sect of its followers are violent. It’s time to stop acting like unintelligent buffoons and begin to see the logical flaws in your own arguments. Either Trump is racist and Islam is violent, or Islam is peaceful, and Trump is not racist. Choose.


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  1. After reading through this a couple of questions jump in my head: if you’re going to reference intellectual integrity, then why not take the perspective of an intellectual? Also, why assert that two unrelated arguments are incompatible instead of making a meaningful argument yourself?

    I desperately hope to start finding evidence and thought in your work.


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