The Adam Saleh Case: The Left’s Obsession with Victimhood

I usually spend my mornings scrolling through my social media like most Millennials. I scroll through Facebook first, then YouTube to see if any new videos were released, and end it with Twitter. I enjoy Twitter, but not because of the 140 characters. I like going through the hashtags, mostly because they are a play-by-play on the new thing Social Justice Warriors are offended by. Needless to say, yesterday morning I was not disappointed, seeing #BoycottDelta as number 1.

Adam Saleh, a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers, filmed himself being escorted off of a Delta Airlines flight to New York. He stated that it was “for speaking another language” and, as he threw a fit, other passengers began to wave ‘bye’ to him, both actions making him claim racism. Twitter users took to their phones and laptops to tweet about racism, Islamophobia, etc. followed by #BoycottDelta. It was your usual Internet normalization of Cultural Marxism, Oppressors vs Oppressed.

It was the Conservatives and Libertarians I follow, however, who were making posts regarding the actual content Saleh has released in the past. When you type in ‘Adam Saleh plane’ in the search bar of YouTube and scroll down, you find that Saleh is known to do pranks on planes, one of his videos titled ‘Counting Down in Arabic on a Plane Experiment’. This brings me to question the validity of his story that he was “just speaking another language”. YouTubers who do prank videos are known for causing hoaxes for more views and to increase their subscribers, meaning more money in their pocket. This happened with FouseyTube where he and another YouTuber faked a fist fight to purposely get the Internet into a frenzy.

It has recently been released by Info Wars that an eyewitness stated Adam Saleh was throwing his fist in the air and screaming which is what resulted in his removal. There are no reports substantiating that claim, however, this whole fiasco speaks to a bigger issue.

As Milo Yiannopoulos has stated before in his speeches “Victimhood has become a currency.” Over the past few years, false claims are excused and facts are ignored in the wake of romanticizing victimhood in this Era of Oppression Olympics. On a flight to New York (of all places), one is surrounded by the most liberal minds, at least four or five people on his plane were standing up for him. The ones that were saying ‘bye’ weren’t doing it out of “racism” or “Islamophobia” they were doing it because he was making a scene.

His statement “I’m literally about to cry right now” because of his removal shows a type of theatrics that makes people question if this incident was genuine. I am willing to bet (not much though because I am a college student) that even if this does come out as a hoax, we will hear nothing from those who were tweeting #BoycottDelta; there will be no condemning him. Rather, what we will hear is praise because “he showed we have a racist/Islamophobic problem in America.” The left is so obsessed with being oppressed that they will find every justification to suit their need to fulfill their Victimhood currency quota.


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