College: Ground Zero for Hypocrisy

If you’re in college, finished with college, or have even read about college, you know that colleges breed hypocrisy. Colleges speak of welcoming diversity and pose as a place where you can be who you want to be, but don’t mean it. Many conservative today will tell you the same thing. We are not welcome to speak our minds without fear of public scrutiny and loathing.
“Safe Spaces” good joke.
A safe space, as defined by The Safe Space Network is a place where ANYONE can go to relax and fully express their beliefs. In a safe space, you are supposed to be able to fully express and not feel uncomfortable, unsafe, unwelcome, etc… This is taken straight from The Safe Space Network. So, if a safe space is such a safe, open place, how come we aren’t invited to the party? At the first mention of how we believe in strong borders, pro-life policies, or our Christian beliefs, we are ridiculed and detested on the spot. That doesn’t fit the definition of a safe space at all. Do we not deserve a voice in the public sphere or deserve the right to be ourselves without scrutiny? This lack of a voice creates a non-diverse ideological spectrum, one of the things a safe space is supposed to protect against.  The theory of safe spaces is a flawed utopian dream. Colleges are only allowing those who agree with their ideology to feel welcome and this is the epitome of hypocrisy.
“Diversity” yeah, right.
It’s no secret that most campuses are liberal and mostly intolerant to any differences in opinion. Take Yale, for example. Yale took a poll where 95% of conservative students think that the campus is an unwelcome place for them and another 75% of students said that Yale was specifically hostile towards conservative students. This is an absurd number of students that feel unwelcome and that they are in a hostile environment. Another example comes from a professor from Georgetown University.  The professor was asked to help with faculty searches often and said that the staff was told to specifically search for women and minority teachers. He also goes on to state that Georgetown would specifically reject teachers that had right leaning ideology by either changing the criteria of the search or dropping them if they had conservative ties. This is the perfect example of the hypocritical theory of college “diversity”. They want to look diverse on the outside by hiring more women and minorities, but don’t want any diversity in ideology.  This is just another example how most colleges are hypocritical and biased.
“Free Speech” whatever.
In a country that has the freedom of speech in their bill of rights, you may think that free speech should be honored anywhere. Think again. Just like safe spaces and the promise of diversity, free speech is only for those who align with the school. You can’t freely speak your mind on a college campus as a conservative without being scrutinized, no matter where on campus you are. Take for example, Ben Shapiro. Shapiro’s speech was cancelled before speaking at California State University because the college didn’t like his script. Eventually, the speech rescheduled after he threatened to take legal action against the school. And after all of the work CSU put in to trying to suppress Shapiro, they did nothing to stop the rampant protestors trying to shut the event down. This is the full embodiment  of hypocrisy. CSU literally subjugated Shapiro, but supported all of the protestor’s free speech by letting them try to ruin it. The height of hypocrisy is advertising free speech for all, but failing to follow through at the first sign of controversy. If Colleges want to claim to be diverse and to support free speech, then it has to be for everyone, not just for those they agree with.

Every college isn’t like this, just a tremendous majority of them. These colleges speak like they are welcoming and that you can be who you are freely, but this isn’t remotely true. There is no safe space for conservatives and they will never include us in their naïve concept of “diversity”. And their concept of free speech is nothing more than a lie, we can’t speak of our ideals without scrutiny and intolerance. Colleges may promise these things in their handbooks but as soon as you change the status quo they will meet you with hypocrisy

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