Special Needs Man Kidnapped and Tortured. Mainstream Media Silent Because He’s White.

There are many things that get my blood boiling, but this has to be the worse of them all.

If you didn’t see or hear of what happened yesterday, a man with special needs was kidnapped by a bunch of thugs who scalped him, injected him with drugs, burned him with a cigarette and was forced fed him dirty toilet water. The thugs were later on sent to prison today, because one of them, was so arrogant and stupid enough to post it on Facebook Live. It was then later taken down, but was uploaded to YouTube, but later on taken down by Youtube. This story has gone viral but it hasn’t shown up on Trending Topics.

That’s not why I’m upset

I’m upset because of how this is all being covered by the mainstream media or lack there of. It was mentioned NO WHERE in the mainstream media publications of CNN, MSNBC, NBC etc. If it did received coverage the ethnicity of both parties were omitted out of the report. Why?

The victim was white and the kidnappers were black.

The basis of this article will not cover the horrific events of what happened, but rather the response or lack there of, from the mainstream media.

All of a sudden race doesn’t matter anymore. All of a sudden this gets ignored. But if a cop shoots a black man or woman all of a sudden the facts are displaced and the narrative must be pushed on us as if we are blind sheep being led to the slaughter. They pushed Hands Up Don’t Shoot, even though it was fake. They pushed that Trayvon Martin was an innocent man but was later on proven to be a thug and that the shooting was justified (Note: I’m not saying his death wasn’t tragic, what I am saying is that he wasn’t the victim the media placed him to be). They pushed the narrative that an innocent boy was reported to the cops because his recent project looked like a bomb, which was later on proven to be a hoax constructed by his family in an attempt to garner political support and sympathy. They pushed that Hillary Clinton would win be a major landslide, and thank God it was proven false.

Time after time, false narratives have been shoved down our throats and it is annoying, sickening and disgusting. Not only is it revolting to have false narratives shoved down our throat but the lack of sympathy the mainstream media has towards victims that go against the narrative is astounding.

The media doesn’t care about the facts, as long as their narrative was pushed of the poor helpless victim being oppressed by whitey and the man. The media has blood on their hands. The media has perpetuated a race war and that all white people are racist, and it has resulted in this. As El Shabazz (Malcom X) famously said, “the chickens are coming home to roost.” These are the chickens that the liberal media has shoved down the throats of everyone and brainwashed liberals and now they are beginning to take matters into their own hands. They are committing false hate crimes to smear Trump supporters, and all have resulted in EPIC FAILS, because they would later on be proven false, but that didn’t stop the mainstream media from reporting that. The mainstream media has pushed the narrative that all Trump supporters and violent and everything and anything that happens to them is the result of Trump’s violent rhetoric, not the agitators and idiots who are punching Trump supporter in the face.

Trump supporters get attacked on college campuses and the mainstream media is silent. A man is dragged out of his car and beaten to a bloody pulp because he is a trump supporter and the mainstream media is silent. A colllege student is harassed to the point where she had to transfer out of college but the mainstream media is silent. Every time someone who doesn’t agree with the liberal agenda and is attacked because of it, the mainstream media is silent. HOWEVER,

If a black woman gets one tweet that hurts her feelings, the mainstream media screams about racism and sexism. If a Muslim, who wanted to cause a scene by bringing a homemade clock that looked exactly like a bomb, the mainstream media cries islamphobia and racism. If a known YouTube prankster, starts a scene on an airplane, and screams that he was kicked out because he was muslim the mainstream media scream.  If someone claims that they have been attacked by trump supporters, the mainstream media goes insane and blames trump supporters without a shred of eveidence. Everything they do they do without hesitation, as long as the narrative is pushed. Who care about who gets hurt.

Recently they blamed Russia for “hacking the election,” but in the articles that mention the supposed hack, it even admits that the story is fabricated and not supported by evidence.

And im supposed to believe them when they condemn “fake news?” Look in the mirror.

4 people in Chicago bought into this lie and the results of their hate and lies are finally coming home to roost 4 people bought into this lie and their lives are ruin. People took to social media by storm when her face was revealed showing that she was crying in her mug shot and they mocked her. To make it clear.

I’m not defending what these thugs did, or that they were stupid enough to upload it on social media. They deserve to be punished for doing all those awful things to a man with special needs. They deserve to be punished for injection get drugs into a man with special needs. They deserve to be punished for scalping a man with special needs. They deserve to be punished for feeding dirty toilet water to a man with special needs. They deserve to be punished for torturing a man with special needs.

What I am saying is this.

Let’s stop attacking the useful idiots and starting addressing the problem at the source: The Mainstream Media and the lies that they have spread which has resulted in another innocent victim being scarred for life and a bunch of useful idiots being condemned for what they were told to do by the mainstream media


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  1. True, there can be trouble with liberals. Oddly enough, they can be very intolerant of other views. A friend of mine is a legal immigrant to our country. She said on Facebook that she opposed illegal immigration. She was immediately condemned on Facebook without asking for her reasons. Another friend B. Is a dogmatic liberal. Once, I pointed out something that Hillary did that was a sign of being corrupt. Her response was, “Well, they all do it!” As if it was okay then. Hillary is not s nice person. I was flexible enough to think that she must have been idealistic . I was wrong. I suggest you go to Soundcloud, look for Brainpicker. You will find her college graduation speech. Before she makes her actually speech, Hillary replied to an earlier speaker, stating how she felt about empathy. Very interesting.


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