An Open Letter to Shaun King

What happened in Chicago was disgusting, but what is happening in the media is exceedingly worse. I have never seen so much downplaying in my life nor have I ever seen the media cower at an opportunity for a big story. This story was big: a disabled man kidnapped, tormented, beaten by a group for his race and supposed political leaning. However, I learned all of this through social media. Twitter had #BLMKidnapping trending for quite awhile (before they changed the name and took it down). So, why is everyone so hesitant to report? Well, as Tucker Carlson said, it seems to be against the narrative to have a white Trump supporter be the victim. You know, especially since the media has been telling people for months that it was white Trump supporters that were going to wreak havoc, meanwhile all the hate crimes that have surfaced have actually been hoaxes.

What got under my skin the most was the release of Shaun King‘s article.

Before I can even get into it he claims that the suspects “allegedly kidnapped a mentally challenged white man, beat him, humiliated him, cut his hair, and yelled “f–k Donald Trump” and “f–k white people” while filming it for the world to see.”

Allegedly, definition: used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.

Oh, there’s proof, Shaun.

A thirty minute video-worth of proof. They didn’t just beat him, they threatened him with a knife and put their feet on his head like he was a welcome mat. They didn’t just humiliate him, they made him drink toilet water, shoving his face into the toilet bowl as they laughed and yelled. They didn’t just cut his hair, they cut into his head, so bad that you can see the white from his skull. Don’t kid yourself and try to downplay this, Shaun, but of course you would. As I continue to read it becomes clear.

First, he talks about his alleged trauma to equate to this poor disabled man then continues with an “I hate violence” rhetoric where he brings up gun deaths and sexual assault statistics. Both things mentioned have nothing to do with all the heinous things in the video, but you have to push your agenda somewhere, right? Then, he shifted to anti-Trump rhetoric as if the dead horse hasn’t been beaten enough.

Gee, I wonder…leader of a movement spouting hateful rhetoric about the President…that couldn’t possibly cause people to demonize others and, I don’t know, kidnap and torture them.

However, the creme de La Creme, the cherry on top of the sundae, is when Shaun King decides to take a dump all over this poor kid by using other cases to belittle this atrocious kidnapping. Guess what, Shaun, George Zimmerman was put on trail and prosecuted by a jury of his peers. The evidence found him not guilty. He went through the law. Most people I know agreed that the police officer used an excessive amount of force in the Eric Garner case. You use 1,500 cases to basically justify what has happened. The whole article is “Listen up, ‘white folk'” (to use your terminology) sure your guy got kidnapped, cut up, forced to drink toilet water, called a goof, laughed at and held up for a suspected 48 hours, but let me push my narrative. He wasn’t as bad off as x, y, z case, so shut up.” You know what? No. Mr. “I speak out on injustice.” What about the fact that the Chicago PD was considering not charging them with hate crime.

Are there some cases where the justice system has messed up?

Absolutely. It happens.

But, you do not get to make this kid’s trauma smaller because your agenda, in your eyes, is bigger.

There are no ties to BLM, you’re right about that one, Shaun. However, the hashtag, as Steve Crowder said in his reaction, was “meant to point out the sentiment expressed by Black Lives Matter and the congruency with this type of crime”. You do realize that when you tell people that there is a mystical privilege, that others possess, which hold them down in society, you cause resentment, right? BLM, which has evolved past its original purpose and has become a domestic terrorist organization, has made it okay to demonize cops and white people. Remember the “They white, get they ass” video? How about the 5 dead Dallas police officers? BLM wasn’t the cause, but created the justification in the minds of these four young black people to think it was okay to beat up on a white boy because of his skin color.

Then, Shaun, you have the audacity to turn back around into talking about the debunked “Donald Trump has made fun of disabled people” campaign garbage. You wonder why they want to beat up on a Trump supporter? How about look in a mirror. The audacity that you have to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is beyond me. The man that said to judge upon the content of character and not color of their skin, yet you won’t defend this boy. If the roles were reversed, if this boy was black and the assailants were white, you would be singing like a canary. You would be blowing up Twitter, writing articles, and itching to protest, but he doesn’t get your sympathy.

He’s white.

Who cares, right?

‘Cause there are worse things that have happened than his case, so it doesn’t matter.

He’s not worth your time.

Here’s my final thought, Shaun King:

All Lives Matter.
BLM is a domestic terrorist organization that should’ve been stopped before the last three hundred riots.
This boy deserves justice.
And people like you are the reason why Trump will win come 2020.


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