Liberals Dress Up As KKK, Repeatedly Attempt to Disrupt Sen. Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing

The antics of the Left were on full display during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing Wednesday. Liberals repeatedly attempted to disrupt the democratic process in order to scream their opposition to President-elect Trump’s nomination for Attorney General.

Before Mr. Sessions was even been sworn in for testimony, protesters dressed in KKK robes shrieked they were his “#1 fans.” The feminist group CodePink proudly claimed responsibility.

Liberals interrupted the Senate confirmation proceedings over four times in just the first hour. As one woman was was led out of the chamber she yelled, “You are a pig. Stop this racist pig from getting into power.” Another screamed at Sessions, “Why am I being taken out of here. This man is evil, pure evil.”

Then again, more interruptions when the topic of voting rights came up and again when immigration was discussed.

These blatant acts of disrespect for the American political process were obscene, but a predictable tactic of the Democratic party. When they do not get their way they yell and disrupt those that do follow the law.

What the Left fails to realize is that by ironically acting just as intolerant as the intolerance they claim to fight, they isolate themselves further and further from everyday Americans. It’s why they’ve lost over 1,000 seats since 2009, and why they will only continue to lose in the future.


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