Western Values, Western Allies

Being the heart of western civilization, it’s no surprise that Europe has become the bullseye on the target for anti-western terrorist groups. The culture found in France, Germany, Austria, and all other countries in Europe proper that hold western values to their hearts is unrivaled, and it’s impossible to go anywhere in these countries without feeling touched by the immense history surrounding each and every one of them.

The world that we know today was fundamentally shaped by these European countries, and along with that world came western identity, the same identity the United States and Canada’s core societal foundation is laid in.

We in North America have so much to thank our counterparts abroad for, and as nations we should always support each other in times of need.

One such time of need came just over a year ago, on November 13th, 2015, when six attacks were perpetuated by ISIS on not just the city of Paris and it’s citizens, but the country and all of western civilization.

Throughout the night of terror, a total of 130 citizens were killed and over 300 were injured by gunmen in mass shootings and bombings all across the city.


President of the United States Barack Obama was quick to offer a statement on the attack, saying,

“Once again we’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.”

Those universal values he spoke of are really just western values that ISIS and Islam seem to have such a large problem with.

However the condemnation by various leaders was not enough.

Hardly six months after, on July 14th 2016, another terrorist attack was perpetuated in France. This time, at a Bastille day celebration in Nice. A truck drove onto the promenade, which was packed with French citizens celebrating their country, and at full speed mowed through the crowds.

A total of 303 people were taken to hospital, and 86 died.

The truck was driven by a Tunisian immigrant, and ISIS later claimed responsibility for the attack.

There has been a countless number of other attacks throughout Europe that ISIS has claimed responsibility for, and EU leaders have not done enough to stop the flow of refugees and potential terrorists coming into their countries. Despite these atrocities, many citizens still call for “refugees welcome”.

What is important to recognize is the common denominator: that all these attacks were perpetuated in the name of ISIS by Muslim individuals against western civilization’s values.

So why would any person who loves their country potentially bring more harm and pain into their homelands?

To answer that question, you would have to speak to Cedric Herrou, a French olive farmer who is currently standing trial for aiding illegal immigration into France, specifically of people from North Africa, where Tunisia happens to be.

He volunteered that he had smuggled in at least 200 immigrants, all from various regions of Northern Africa.

France heightened security after these attacks, and Europe as a whole is constantly on watch for danger, but this man is claiming to be helping the country on the grounds that he is fixing “a state that put borders in place and is absolutely not managing the consequences.”

Herrou seems to have missed the true consequences of open borders that happened on his country’s soil over the past 18 months. Despite his claim that “I am a Frenchman!” he seems absolutely uninterested in his country’s well being.

It’s also notable to mention that the Italian town, Ventimiglia, (from where Herrou smuggles immigrants across the border) is home to a Red Cross camp, and they often want to cross the border illegally because they don’t have proper documentation and would rather not wait for the proper channels to open up.

It’s very sad to see the values we all treasure held over a flame for the sake of inclusivity and multiculturalism, but it seems to be happening more and more in this world.

Herrou’s supporters have a counterpart demographic who vilify him, and although the mainstream media would never speak of them, they do exist.

Looking into the future, the people who love their country should stand up for their nation and it’s values, and people like Herrou should be the ones vilified by their own fellow citizens.

With the world making a slow turn to the right, those who believe in their country need to take up the fight against the anti-nation values that have become so ingrained to our lives.

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