Trump Transition: On Schedule and Under Budget

On the eve of the inauguration, Vice President-elect Mike Pence held a press conference to discuss the accomplishments of the transition team. Pence was proud to report that the transition is “on schedule and under budget.” Of the $6 million in taxpayer funding allocated to the team, 20% of it, or $1.2 million, will be returned to the U.S. Treasury.

“[President-elect Trump] is a businessman that knows how to sharpen his pencil.I’m very pleased to report today that we were able to do that, and restore those dollars to the treasury.” –Vice President-elect Pence

Pence, who has served as chair of the transition team, further disclosed that 536 transition team members are ready to report to government agencies across Washington D.C. Monday morning. Monday will be the first full workday of the Trump presidency.

Trump’s Administration received over 86,000 resumes. The team narrowed those applicants down to 4,000 who have been referred for jobs. The team personally vetted nearly 400 potential employees and advisors, and arranged 370 meetings with senators to encourage nomination confirmations.

Vice President-elect Pence wrapped up the press conference by thanking the transition team employees and volunteers who have worked tirelessly since Trump’s election 72 days ago.

Trump’s ambitious yet under-budget transition brings promise of how his Administration may shake up Washington. Many credit his business acumen as a draw among voters, and a welcome change to typically over-budget Federal government. Americans can only hope to see more of this new money-saving mentality in the Capitol starting tomorrow at 12:01PM.


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  1. Being a successful businessman who probably watches his bottom line, one would expect a certain amount of frugality. I have been fairly well impressed by what he has done thus far. Enjoyed this post very much!


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