Rules for Radicals: The Book Leftists Ignored in 2016 (Pt 1. Communication)

2017. A new year and a new beginning to look forward to. Donald Trump won the presidency and Republicans have complete and total control of the US Government. However, this comes as a surprise to both left and right because 2016 had been a remarkable year for leftist activism. Black Lives Matter held massive demonstrations across the country. Feminists released their remake of Ghostbusters and far left activists were able to use non-political platforms, such as MTV, to further their own agenda. All of this led to its demise and destruction. But how you may ask? As a conservative organizer, I take it upon myself to study and analyze leftist movements and how they succeed and fail by using the infamous Rules for Radicals as a guideline for activism.

(Due to the left having multiple massive errors in 2016 this will be a 4 part article with this part primarily focusing on 2016 as a whole)

Looking back at 2016 it is clear to me that the left completely ignored Rules for Radicals and we as conservative activists must take the time to analyze the failures of the left by using their own master’s rules and guidelines and how we can study from it and use it.

College Campuses exploded with immense demonstrations and protests against conservative speakers. Milo Yiannoplous was effectively shut down at DePaul University, Rick Santorum was repeatedly interrupted at Cornell University and Ben Shapiro’s speech was halted for a few minutes because leftist yelled incessantly during his talk. These are just some examples of conservatives being attacked by the left. How was this an utter failure you may ask? The left’s failure to see the long-term results of their demonstrations and obsessive compulsion has led to careless errors and more importantly it has violated a key tenant of activism. Communication. Failure to communicate to others, will always result in disaster. Saul Alinsky stressed it out so much it even has its own chapter in his book Rules for Radicals. He said that “If you try to get your ideas across to others without paying attention to what they have to say to you, you can forget about the whole thing.” Looking back, the left didn’t even care about anyone else’s opinions because anyone who they saw that didn’t disagree with them was “racist” “sexist” or “bigoted.” Alinsky also said is that “people have to make their own decisions.” Since leftist professors push their radical agenda on college campuses it has resulted in college students being forced to make the decisions, which has resulted in utter failure. Not only has the left failed on college campuses but they have failed in the government as well.

Let us take a look at the 2016 election:

It was down to two candidates, (lets be honest Stein, McMullin, and Johnson had no chance of winning) Clinton and Trump. It seemed as if Clinton was going to win. An experienced politician and someone who already had connections with the government, but she failed because of neglecting Alinsky with one simple error…she failed to communicate her ideas to the people and failed to reach the experience of conservatism. Instead of expressing her policies or her progressive philosophy she courted celebrity endorsements in an attempt for people to vote for her by having musicians such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé work for her, one little problem….Alinsky warned that you cannot go outside the experience of the people and she did completely. A celebrity has no idea what the average American goes through and by having celebrities support her, she failed to communicate to the common American. In her bone-headed comment that Trump supporters were “a basket of deplorables,” she destroyed the last hope she had of converting anyone who supported Trump to join her and failed to familiarize the experiences of her opponent. Alinsky said that “not only do you not communicate (when failing to reach out to the other side) but you cause confusion.” What did Clinton even stand for to begin with in the first place? She didn’t even clarify her positions on anything which allowed multiple individuals online to critique her for her wishy-washy views on every issue from social to policy. Her last, biggest mistake was attacking the Alt-Right. Rather than trying to relate to their experience (Note: I do not sympathize with the Alt- Right I am only stating an example), she attacked them on the basis of having a racist frog. A frog. Her failure to communicate led to her ultimate demise as a the Democratic candidate and the loss of Democratic control in America for the next few years.

We as conservatives must read Rules for Radicals and understand why it is so important to thoroughly communicate our ideals and it begins by taking leftist tactics to promote conservative ideology.

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