History Will Judge the NAACP Unfavorably

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People once served a noble purpose: fighting for equality and freedom.

That purpose is no longer served.

In the issues section of the NAACP’s website, there are seven issues that they seemingly deem the most important — education, health, media diversity, civic engagement, environmental and climate justice, economic opportunity, and criminal justice.

Take notice that their agenda fails to include the most basic yet vital part of society, a part that is becoming nearly non-existent in predominantly black inner cities — the family. For years, family structure has been falling apart, especially within urban areas — where minorities are the majority — like Chicago and Detroit.

In 2010, 73% of African-Americans born were born out of wedlock. African-Americans divorce at nearly twice the rate of non-blacks. Only 44% of African-American households contain a married couple. This means there are a plethora of African-American children growing up in single-parent households, which leads to them being more likely to participate in problem behavior.

This “problem behavior” is just a foreshadow to future criminal activity, because these family factors contribute to gang activity as well. When a child grows up in a broken home with no true sense of family, he or she searches for a family; gangs provide that family structure. These gangs lead to violence, as is evident in Chicago, the most gang infested city in America.

A crumbling family structure has been holding the black community back — or at least contributing in a major way — but that is rarely talked about by civil rights organizations. Therefore, rather than focus on problems such as “environmental and climate justice,” the NAACP should be preaching the benefits of a strong family. They should take initiatives to repair families, such as launching an ad campaign showing the harm a lack of family structure causes to both individuals and the community, because the harm is real — we can observe its devestating effects.

Not only is the NAACP not contributing to the advancement of colored people, but they are also holding the black community back.

The NAACP fights for policies that restrict policing. Take, for example, the policy in Chicago that requires police to file a lengthy police report for even informal questioning. Although that specific policy was pushed by the ACLU, another terribly misguided organization, the NAACP pushes policy similar to it.

These policies cause police to not want to do their jobs. If police do not want to stop and casually question someone because of the ensuing paperwork, they may accidentally avoid stopping crimes. This allows crime to proliferate, running out business, ruining the local economy, and thus perpetuating government dependency in black communities.

If the NAACP (and ACLU and other “civil rights” organizations) want to truly help those they claim to fight for, their course of action must change, or historians in 2117 will look back on their actions and come to the conclusion that they prevented African-Americans from escaping the crime-filled and poverty-stricken inner cities.

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