Trump Bump: US Markets Up Over 10% Since Election

U.S. Markets have added over $1.4 trillion since the Nov. 8 2016 election, smashing unprecedented records - So why is the media continuing to fearmonger?

America’s economy has been setting record after record since President Trump’s election. The day after Nov 8, 2016 the Dow soared 257 points. In just 5 weeks the economy hit an 8% gain, the greatest increase following an election in history. In addition to that, stocks added an unprecedented 1.4 trillion in value, and last month the Dow broke through 20,000 points.

Not only has the tangible gains been impressive, but so has been the economic optimism across the country. Post-election consumer confidence hit a 15-year high this December, and home builder confidence hit its highest level since 2005. National Association of Home Builders Chairman Ed Brady said, “This is particularly important, given that a recent NAHB study shows that regulatory costs for home building have increased 29 percent in the past five years.” Small business optimism is at the highest level since 1980.

Unfortunately, the liberal media steadfastly refuses to accept that a businessman in the White House is actually a good thing for the economy. Positive economic indicators remain buried under countless op-ed and ‘news’ articles claiming that Trump will (eventually) destroy the American economy.

Before the election, billionaire investor Mark Cuban told reporters, “In the event Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind that the market tanks.”

The Atlantic cautioned their readers against the dangers of Trump with headlines like, “Donald Trump’s Economic Plans Would Destroy the U.S. Economy.” In June, the Financial Times warned, “the economic consequences of a Donald Trump win would be severe”. A similar Reuters headline from September reads, “Trump presidency could cost U.S. economy $1 trillion: Oxford Economics.”

The media desperately attempted to destroy Trump’s economic credibility in every format – online, on paper, over the radio, or on television. But Trump’s win didn’t stop these pessimistic and unfounded doomsday hypotheses. If anything, the pundits are ramping up their attacks on Trump’s already successful economic record.

Recently The Week published an article titled, “President Trump is about to tank the economy.”  Fortune led with a commentary tagged, “Trump’s Zero-Sum Economic Vision.” Politico speculates that the “Economy could soar and then crash under Trump.”

These claims not only have been dead-wrong so far, they work to divide Americans. They are hoping for Trump, and therefore America, to fail. Why must news organizations and pundits alike completely ignore every rule of journalistic integrity? Why can’t they return to fact-based reasoning, and stop fear mongering?

By begging for Trump to fail these people are asking for America to fail along with him. We are all in this together, and it’s to all of our benefit to acknowledge that this Administration brings optimism to an overwhelming amount of people in this nation.

Our economy has had true value and optimism restored since the election of Trump this past November. The numbers show that is undeniable. The Dow Jones’ historic breakthrough of 20,000 points last month is the latest example of this. Millions of Americans once again feel confident that their future is going to get better. It’s time for the liberal media to stop their fear-mongering and to stop pleading for the United States to fail.


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