BREAKING: Will Nardi Caught Colluding with Russia

In a stunning revelation uncovered by the Rouser, it was discovered that Right Side Broadcasting journalist William Nardi is a Russian hire from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.  From a combination of firsthand sources, such as “Anonymous intelligence sources”, “Senior white house staff”, President Trump himself, Congressional Democrats, and an explosive dossier released by a foreign intelligence official, we have been led to believe that Nardi infiltrated the highest levels of the media and the government to spread fake news to the American People in a targeted Russian disinformation campaign.

In an exclusive leak from within from the CIA to the Rouser, it was found that Will Nardi has extensive ties to the Russian government, ranging from unexplained deposits into his bank account to regular flights to Moscow.  The source told us “William Nardi has been the focus a longstanding investigation.  Following the 2016 presidential election, we found the following Article wrote by Nardi on November 16th of 2016 where he used the word “Revolution”, a clear code word to activate Russian sleeper cells”


A Senior White House staffer informed us that Will Nardi has been continuously engaged in a fake news campaign for Russia, spreading rampant misinformation to deceive the American people.  The source cites an example of Nardi calling liberals “Anti-American” on a recent Twitter  post; “Clearly, liberals love America more than anyone else, when you look to reliable sources like liberalamerica.org and dailykos.com it becomes clear that this was a clear misinformation campaign with the purpose of spreading fake news on behalf of Russia”

President Donald Trump exploded in a fit of rage after hearing about this transgression against the United States, taking to Twitter to roundly condemn the act of espionage.  He tweeted today at 2:23 PM “ made a BIG mistake! Will go to jail for a LONG time! Total lightweight!”  We attempted to reach White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for comment today he said, “We don’t talk to the lightweights at the Rouser, maybe you should get your ratings up and then try to call me.”  Congressional Democrats joined in, making this a bipartisan issue.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated, “We demand an immediate congressional investigation into fake news and Russian disinformation campaigns, Will Nardi must resign now, this is a disgrace to America”.

The nail in the coffin was when the Rouser uncovered a classified dossier from a retired intelligence officer in the MI6.  The dossier alleged that Mr. Nardi has been continuously blackmailed by the Kremlin, eventually forcing him to do their bidding and spread propaganda on their behalf.  The dossier has yet to be confirmed by independent sources, but it is something that we believe the American people have a right to know about.


Disclaimer:  This is a satirical article, the information contained in it is not factual and is purely for comedic purposes.


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