Cultural-Marxism Now a Reality in Europe; Is USA Next?

This is a reality I’ve lived first hand in my homeland of Spain.

In a country under dictatorial mandates of either socialists or faux-conservatives, the result has been the cultural self-implementation of China’s one child policy with a birth rate of 1.32, and an unemployment rate of 18.2 %. This insane overreach of government is nothing new for Spain where most people believe in very few government limitations if any at all! By the way, that’s called ‘social democracy’ here.

As all of us know, the first thing the left goes for is education. That’s how they get their votes, which is the only thing that matters politically in Spain. Truly here they didn’t need to do much to gain that power since it never belonged to the Spanish people before, during and after the Franco regime. It has always been owned by the government. As with a lot of aspects of people’s lives, only that you only notice when the government enforces it against your will. After the Franco national-Catholic regime, there was very little change in Spanish politics. Actually, only one, as I said before, you can now choose your own dictators. Hurray!

So when the Franco regime ruled, most of the Catholics in Spain enjoyed it: mandatory religion classes, a government that “upheld” catholic values… but when democracy hit, they soon started to loose all the privileges they thought earned, and not only that but the government started to enforce a value system that they believed to be evil. Which is absolutely true. The government changed national-Catholicism for leftism. It wasn’t hard for them, contrary to popular belief, they are not that far apart.

And in the last few years, with the rise of the LGBTQ lobbies to power, which have an absolute support from ALL the political parties with real representation, they have managed to include their beliefs into mandatory studies from kindergarten to high school in all of Spain’s schools: public, charter or private.

Some Catholic associations have tried to protest this, with very little support from the citizens and even less relevance.

One of them, HazteOir.org, which sadly has some residue of national-Catholicism, has launched a campaign with a bus saying “Boys have penises, Girls have vaginas, do not let them lie to you.” Result: the bus was seized by the police in less than 12 hours, and they are being prosecuted and facing “hate-speech” charges among others. Some would have thought that the Spanish people would have risen and protested against such a violation of freedom of speech, but they certainly wouldn’t know the Spanish people. We just sat and watched the whole thing through, while the bus was being condemned by most of the politicians and defended by none.

That’s Spain for you.

I’m sure you are sitting comfortably in your big American lazy boy recliner thinking: “Well those stupid Europeans, they had that one coming and didn’t do anything about it, it’s their fault.” Well it certainly is, however it can be your fault too, just look at what Chelsea Clinton said about the incident:

My point is, here in Europe we are part of a society where freedom of speech has become an almost old-fashioned concept, where the government uses the word “hate-speech” to criminalize anything they dislike, where society has lost the energy to fight against the PC absolutism.

And because America is not that far away, you better not let the real fascists gain power, because they will use that power against you, either sooner or later.

By the way, the bus was censored by the faux-conservative establishment.

Want to know more about the need for freedom of speech?

There’s a great PragerU video about it:



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