To anyone who actually believes in global warming, I invite you to spend a little time in Northern Michigan where I spend literally hours shoveling the snow from my one-acre driveway.

Temperatures here range from negative 5 degrees to 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, it is at times colder than the freezing point of water. It isn’t just Michigan that has it tough during winter but worldwide as well. Egypt used to have mainly 73 degree winters now it has some days that are 40 to 50 degrees or cooler.

A few years ago, it snowed in southern states opposite to the equator. I remember a few years ago back in 2007 it was much worse, but even now Florida still started having some snow flurries.

On days like this I am SICK AND TIRED of all the climate change activists who keep preaching apocalyptic pseudo-science. Political hack Al Gore and fake scientist Bill Nye aren’t scientific geniuses. You know who are the geniuses? The many different Nobel Prize winners like Dr. Iva Giaever that say “Global Warming” is a hoax.

I am tired of all the political propaganda! Popular propaganda such as millennial YouTuber Matthew Santoro falsely claiming we may have few years left tell global catastrophes and even possible extinction if we don’t drop everything and dedicate our lives to artificially changing the climate.

That being said, yes there are some scientists that agree with climate change. However, most of these are marine biologists who don’t focus on temperature patterns and haven’t provided irrefutable evidence that global warming is even happening!

Climate change, in reality, isn’t even accepted enough to be considered a theory in the scientific community, nor a law. It still needs a lot more evidence to be considered past the hypothesis stage, and given all the hoaxes and myths going around, this is probably not going to happen anytime soon.



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  1. Good point, I guess we should just continue to deplete the only world we know of it’s natural resources and pollute our air and water even more.


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