The Leftist Infection of the Entertainment Industry

“They’ll only care about your art, not your politics. It doesn’t matter.”

This was part of a conversation I had with one of my apolitical friends. I was percussionist from 5th grade until 10th, I taught myself guitar before my freshman year of college, and am currently trying my hand at piano. I recently began writing my own lyrics and pairing my drum pad with harmonies I’ve made on my instruments. As much as I have a passion for music, I have been hesitant to even attempt to record.

“It’s just about the art.”

I would like to think so, but it’s hard to believe so. Whether it be Meryl Streep throwing some shade or the guy from Stranger Things stating “we will punch some people in the face”, there is one thing that is clear: Conservatives are not welcome in Hollywood. Although I myself consider my social stances slightly more libertarian and everything else conservative, I am often met with glares. Whether I am tabling for my club or decked out in Trump gear, I get looks of disgust which amuse me but would be a future PR problem for someone who decided to sign me. Since the age of 4, music has been my passion and as the years have gone by it has become something that I have built upon. I write lyrics to songs for fun and am often times caught with headphones on me or humming a tune. I like making businesses, the idea thrills me, yet my passion lies within the music industry. There is something I have found after my conversion to the right side of the political spectrum and I am not the only one who has observed this.

In 2011, Ben Shapiro released his book “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV.” In the month of June, he gave a speech to the Heritage Foundation that aired on C-SPAN where he played some of the audio he gathered as well as relayed his experience with Hollywood.

The left has infected the entertainment industry so heavily that hearing of a slightly conservative artist that is out as such is a rarity. Most keep their head down like Ben Shapiro claimed when talking about his book ‘Primetime Propaganda.” The bigger issue that has to be addressed here is that the left is killing the passion of many to stay in their bubble with their agenda intact.

“I know scores, hundreds, of closeted conservatives in Hollywood who will not come out in fear of losing their careers, and they’re right.”

Hollywood cares more about their echo chamber and less about talent.

This isn’t just talking about me. I wouldn’t inflate my ego so much as to state that I am a talent lost. Knowing my stubbornness and determination, I will probably release music regardless. What I am referring to is all the potential people that could have emerged from the woodwork. Hollywood claims to take on the responsibility of “creating change,” but they use such regressive left logic and tactics, it’s hard to enjoy a movie without seeing the politicization. This turns people away from the industry because they feel they are only allowed to think a certain way if they want that life for themselves. The way that people should be judged upon their character, art should be judged upon its quality.

Since I have opinions that I voice, I can predict the rejection that will come just because I am not their favored political ideologue and I am sure I’m not alone in this predicament.

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