A Need for Compromise in a Time of Polarized Politics


In today’s politics, there are two polarized groups that have pitted themselves against one another: the religious sect of the Republican Party and the socially liberal cohort of the Democratic Party. In the past few years, both have dominated the debate on social issues within their respective political parties.

The irony is that both groups are extremely similar in their tactics for influence and the outcomes to their solutions.

The problem in this situation is that both believe that their conception of morality is somehow superior to all other mindsets.  They are offended when those with different beliefs promote their morals, or alleged lack thereof, to others. The result of this rigidity has both lessened the personal freedoms that the religious sect advocates for and suffocated the equality that the liberals always chant for.

This moral dilemma has translated to both sides pushing for policy that is aimed at dictating the character and actions of every American. The discussion is not about the overall commonality in views, but the technical differences. If the overall commonality of the views were to be shared, people may understand that all can find common ground in the Constitution, since both sides always refer to it.

If the Constitution were the focal point, both sides would understand that there can be respect within disagreement.

There would be an understanding when it comes to core of the issue. The Constitution does not pick winners or losers, but it allows for the universal protections to both groups and the ability for the individual to choose for him or herself.

At some point, we must ask ourselves: Why does one viewpoint have to dominate all others? Why does either side feel the need to control the other? Why does either need to implement policy to force the others to abide by their set ideals?

You have to call it for what it is: a push for conformity. It is not about a fight for equality, freedom, or liberty; it has been a fight focused on conforming the views of the others through force and dominance by law.

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