Death Cults of Delusion at UVA Rally

One of my favorite films of all time is Step-Brothers, not because it has any unique story or rare artistic flair, but I’m just a sucker for crude comedy (call it a vice or whatever you will). There is one specific scene in the film that has always stuck with me; this one scene sums up the cultural schism in our country to the letter…

You can’t be a dinosaur no matter how hard you try. It just won’t happen because 1) dinosaurs are dead and 2) if you spent an entire small fortune, you couldn’t even surgically turn yourself into one, though you could turn yourself into a “genderless alien.”

It’s sad America is at the point where I need to spell out why you can’t possibly be a dinosaur, and I wish this mindset and behavior was limited to a therapist’s chair or a padded cell in a mental hospital, but around our nation’s college campuses are a dangerous cult, dare I say death cult, that is breaking down the very concept of reality among young adults…

This cult was on full display at the University of Virginia during an anti-Congressman Tom Garrett Rally Friday, March 31st. They were made up of individuals who were fully convinced that human beings had the actual capability to transcend their sex just because they said so. Other’s showed up and openly preached the Satanic practice of infanticide, while several different organizations featured activists who claimed the Republican Party was the party of white supremacy, ignoring the fact that the Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan whose purpose was to murder blacks and Republicans. What was actually kind of funny was that one group was recruiting participants for an Iranian Appreciation event, I do mean the same Iran that vowed to destroy the United States and Israel. To wrap things up, what made the progressive death cult even stranger was it’s god, the omnipotent, omnipresent State which cared for you from cradle to grave, provided all your needs, and would also crush internal opposition that spoke or acted out against their collective interests.

Full coverage below:

The rally itself was tame, the protesters and the conservative opposition present at the campus did little more than yell back and forth. The University Democrats at UVA tried their best to keep things organized, but the competing interest between hosting a rally and adding more yelling to the front line protest made everything just more chaotic. After all, it didn’t make sense, how could the Democrats who started the KKK be for racial equality since their crowning achievement before Obamacare was the Jim Crow Laws? How could the LGBTQ lobby possibly manage to conduct the mental gymnastics necessary to side with Iranian apologists who stone, castrate, kidnap, and execute homosexuals? And lastly, how could the National Organization of Women be pro-women if they support the murder of women via abortion? Don’t even get me started on the environmentalists…

The progressives showed in full force why Fly Over Nation and so many Americans from across the political spectrum were tired of their crap. Instead of learning, they doubled down and now they spend their time fighting over which delusional enterprise to take up next. I went to the UVA rally to observe and learn if this giant progressive #Resistance was really all it was cracked up to be, instead I saw some really sad, confused people scream about things that don’t exist and problems that aren’t there. I’d say I feel bad for them, but their fringe ideology is far to violent and unhinged for me to even make that leap.

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