Infighting Will Get Us NOWHERE

The Eleventh Commandment:

“Thou Shall Not Speak Ill of Any Fellow Republican” – President Ronald Reagan

This infighting between President Trump, the GOP establishment, and the House Freedom Caucus will get the Republican party NOWHERE. If this infighting continues, it will cause us to lose the chance for a 60+ advantage in the Senate in 2018, and will undoubtedly hurt us in the House. We have majorities in the House, the Senate, and in the White House. We have it all. Therefore, we must get things accomplished, and if we don’t, we risk suffering the consequences of being deemed incompetent. Republicans all around the United States made promises to their constituents, and if they don’t deliver they will meet the power of the people. The only way to keep those promises and actually do good things for our country is to come together and work as one, united party.

This new strain of infighting is a direct result of the controversy over the House GOP healthcare bill. The House Freedom Caucus opposed it because it was practically ‘Obamacare lite.’ This, in turn, caused President Trump and the GOP establishment to fight back against the Freedom Caucus essentially paint them as though they are as much an enemy as the Dems.

And as he always does, Trump took to Twitter to air his grievances.

First, President Trump tweeted this, calling the House Freedom Caucus a threat to the Republican agenda, and calling for other people to run against them in 2018.


Then, Amash responded by implying that President Trump has dropped the anti-establishment brand and become a member of the swamp.


Finally, President Trump’s Social Media Manager Dan Scavino chimed in, calling for a member of the “Trump Train” to defeat Justin Amash in the 2018 primary.


While this is cute, it isn’t going to get us a new healthcare bill, tax reform, stronger border security, or anything else that we have the chance to accomplish. This continued infighting will likely lead to us losing the White House and our majorities, placing us right back into impotence and irrelevance because we couldn’t do anything but bicker with each other. If everyone wants to keep their jobs and promises, both sides must compromise and come to agreements to get things done.

If I could say something to President Trump and the GOP establishment: Understand that this bill was worthless. It failed to change much of anything and you should have known that strict conservatives would oppose something so similar to the Affordable Care Act. It wasn’t a free-market solution, and it failed to fully repeal Obamacare. You are going to have to work with conservatives to find some common ground in order to build a better healthcare bill.

If I could say something to the House Freedom Caucus: Understand that you aren’t going to get the perfect bill. You are going to have to compromise somewhere, or nothing is going to get done. While it’s great to have strong principles, those principles will be worthless if they lead us to losing our majorities. You are going to have to work with other party members and sacrifice some things. Otherwise, you’ll break the promises that you have made to your constituents.


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