The Liberal Attack on Housewives

I was raised completely different than typical Hispanic girls. My parents were heavily invested in my education and couldn’t care less about me doing chores. They always told me I was to be a boss, not a housewife. I was to be giving orders, not cleaning dishes. The way I was raised made me determined to get my P.H.D in Psychology. But that all changed when I met my husband.

There was something about him supporting me with my career plan and not forcing me to fit the traditional roles of a Hispanic woman that made me reconsider everything I had been previously determined to do.

This past February, my husband was was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas, and that brought about major career decisions. I knew that my fresh marriage needed a strong foundation, and I also knew that frequent deployments could destroy it. So, I decided to work on my marriage, support my husband with his career, and put mine on hold for a year.

I was nervous about the opinions of my colleagues and those who watch my every move with bad intentions. At first, I freaked out when I thought about staying at home and not being an “educated, strong, independent woman.” Doing chores and being a proper housewife were not things I learned while in college.

Truthfully, the beginning was difficult. I could not sleep the first few nights in my own home because I missed the noises of my roommates. I had a hard time cooking because I missed the Chinese takeout. I found that cleaning an entire house by myself was tough without the help of others. But as the days passed, I began to realize something. I enjoyed relaxing at my house, in my living room, sitting on my sofa watching “Hart of Dixie” while sipping tea and flipping through a magazine. I began to enjoy waking up early to cook breakfast for my husband (because he comes home starving after P.T.) I started to enjoy cleaning, paying bills, and simply being a housewife. But I also began to notice the backlash I got for putting my career on hold to support my husband with his career. The liberal, feminist movement has proven to be brutal to women who choose to stay at home and support their family. The feminist movement claims to be about advocating choices for women and being supportive of those choices. Well, what about the choice to be a housewife? Why can’t a woman stay at home without being bashed? After all, it is a woman’s choice.

Regardless of the nasty, liberal feminists who look down upon me for choosing the housewife life, I enjoy taking care of the house and not having to worry about the tests, paperwork, and all that junk that would’ve come along with my predetermined career plan. My opinion of being a housewife was turned upside down. I wake up everyday loving my life and the path I have decided to take. I love supporting my husband, making dinner, and applying for colleges in Texas. There is simply nothing a liberal feminist could tell me that would make me regret the decisions I have made about my career and private life.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit out by my beautiful, green lawn, sip my tea, and search the web for the best universities in Texas while I wait for my amazing husband to get home.

One comment

  1. As a Hispanic woman who was brought up in a traditional household as well and defied all stereotypes ever given towards me, I agree that that is your choice. The problem is not being able to choose what you want to do. I have been told all my life that because I born who I am, I am to do what is traditional. We liberals are not against you becoming a housewife but are for free choice. A woman should not be forced to become one by their husband. I however would never consider it as I like to defy stereotypes to get rid of prejudice. To me, everything has a deeper meaning. I respect your choice and you should do what you want freely as long as it hurts no one. We liberals are not the same and same goes for conservatives. Don’t force that notion towards any group because that is just not the case.


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